1. brownsofts

    My Mturk Accounts + Your Work

    Hello Friends We have around 20 Mturk Accounts And Looking for JV Experienced on Working with Mturk Accounts We wish to Share only one Account with 1 Blackhat Account holder but we can share more accounts if you are reputable one on BHW and on Mturk, And We are not interested to Deal With...
  2. thebotmaker

    Amazon Mturk JV: Your Mturk Worker account + My Worker

    Hello, I have a new offer available to people from the USA only. We have a worker who will complete the work on the MTurk account. All you need is an Amazon MTurk worker account. If you don't have one, please create one, send me a message and we can work together when it's approved. Please...
  3. S


    How to get mturk approved account using proxy which proxy is best or any changes to do for not csught that Im using proxy is slamaOn detect im using
  4. V

    Youtube Mturk / Crowdworking Websites

    Do websites like this mess with organic engagement?? I want to buy youtube views for more viral videos. my videos now are doing about 30k view to 80k for popular ones. 250k being my most popular. I've bought Instagram followers before and it completely messed with my engagement in a bad way...
  5. L

    VPS, Fake IP Mturk users

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this, do you guys have any suggestion on how to not get ban by amazon
  6. BeDoo2000

    RDP and resedintial IPs surveys

    Do anyone tried to work in Swagbucks or Amazon turk or any related site using a residential ip or RDP that changes the ip to American one
  7. D

    I Wrote a 30 page (will update much more) intro guide to MTurk/making money online

    Hello all, I spent my Sunday writing this for a few friends, figured I'd share it here! It's basically a guide on how I've been using my quarantine time to make extra cash online, and has about 5...
  8. Ankith K Shetty

    What is this in Amazon Mturk?

    I am in Canada and I see a lot of my HITs with disqualications like this. Anyone knows what these are?
  9. MickeyMini

    HIRING Virtual Assistant For Amazon Data Entry

    Looking VA for a simple data entry job to be done asap on amazon mturk portal. This is only for US citizens. Please PM me with your skype id.
  10. C

    Hello to Everyone !!

    Hi Everyone ! I am a newbie in here but come with a technical background. However, I have a question for you and need your expertise. Do you think its safe to share my Amazon Mturk account with someone who does the work for me remotely ? Thank you, CityZen
  11. A

    How can i find 1 minute hits on mturk? i could not get from reddit subreddit hitsworthturkingfor.

    please let me know how to find lesser time hits worth(maybe 1 or 2 min) to do in Mturk. Any tool or free online finder would help
  12. D

    Can i access Mechanical Turk outside US?

    Lastweek tried registering mturk and they rejected the application since i'm from India. So if i contact a friend who working there in US and ask him to register one account Can i do tasks and get paid from India? Is there any good alternatives for mturk which can be accessed from India.
  13. tommyboy34

    [WTH] Create Mturk Requester Account With VCC

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Mturk Requester account with a VCC that I can load and pay for HIT's with.
  14. sudhertec

    Your US Amazon Mturk Account + My Worker

    Hey guys, This JV is for US users only. If you are from US, You can join with me. We will create a account on your name and work on it. We can split the profit. You will earn atleast $400 per month with this JV for sure. Anyone from US can PM me.
  15. krithish

    Need USA mturk accounts, just simple signup, live only USA

    Looking for Mturk accounts I will Pay $30 per USA Mturk Account anyone live USA.. I will give All Data just simply Signups... get per invitation $30, via Paypal or BTC
  16. H

    Looking for FREELANCERS or TEAM for work with US MTURK accounts

    Hi, Looking for FREELANCERS or TEAM for work with US MTURK accounts.PM me for more details>>>>
  17. M

    Mturk Registration SSN

    Hello, I was approved for Amazon Mechanical Turk and was going to sign up for Amazon payments. But the registration requires SSN which I don't have as I'm not a US citizen. Is there a way around this or I can just use some random numbers?
  18. krithish

    Looking Mturk accounts I will Pay $30 per USA Mturk Account anyone live USA..

    Any one live USA, Just simply signup process i will give $30 Per signup.. I will provide email and full usa address . Your work just make mturk... Site...
  19. krithish

    I will Pay $30 per USA Mturk Account anyone live USA..

    Hi, I want USA Amazon Mechanical turk account, any one live in usa, make easy just like as email signup, I will give details, just your work make your ip and live in usa.. I will pay per account $30 via PayPal or Btc.. Thank you.
  20. Elin Dotsya

    It's Been Over a Year [What I Have Been Up To]

    What a journey, you know? I mean I go off the radar, focus on my video editing and now I'm back here again. At first, I wasn't sure that I'd come back, yet here I am... again. To tell you the truth, I haven't been making a lot of money (yet), but I have two specific jobs that I focus on...
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