'Content is King' Only When Quality Supersedes Quantity--> Have a Look,What Do you think?

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    In the recent times Google has had its severe slash on content firms due to the previous trend that was almost killing the Quality Content.
    On personal opinion I am not a fun of articles re-writers since they not only do the work I am suppose to do but they put me out of business in an fair way.
    The debate on Quality versus Quantity in terms of content writing will always be here. Is Content king when written poorly ? I would rather have a five hundred word that has the right keywords in the right density, a catchy headline and a good call of action at the author resource box than have a 1000 word article that is just a repeat of ideas expressed throughout the article. Secondly, five 100% unique articles are better than 10 spun.
    I may sound very ordinary but I have some ideas here for content writers that I have found useful in my toil writing web content for years.

    The main idea here is to capture visitors and top Google Charts. So having content that has the following characteristics may help:

    > Well Selected title that bears the Keyword. For Ezine writers Check the 'suggest Title feature inside your EZA account' Alternatively Google insight helps you to know the Market trend in your niche.

    > Paragraph one should start with the keyword if it is possible and make sure the keyword is repeated again in the first paragraph.

    >Provide precise infromation that is relevant to the tittle and should be reflected throughout the article.

    > Avoid promotional tone in the article. If any one is searching for a solution to their problem from search engine they are not in the buying mood first. You need to deliver useful information then provide a call of action at the author resource box.

    >Evenly distributed paragraphs with the proper keywords insertion without exceeding the required KW density is the best way to get prompt SEPRS. Personally I recommend anything between 2.5-4% KW density.

    >Grammatical and spelling mistakes are definitely 'Content Killers' The search engine may rank your article well but the visitors may not take you seriously. This reduces the click-through rates on your articles. Proof read your articles before you submit.

    > The number of words in an articles should be anything between 400-600 words as you will notice EZA have changed their minimum from 250 -400 word in the recent times to curb the problem of non- focused short articles written for backlinking

    > Weigh your keyword Density against the number of words that your article contains. There are free tools for this .

    >Avoid lengthy sentences and paragraph and crowding a paragraph with numerous keywords

    > Originality is Key to success in this game. Research Well on a niche and find out from other writers in the article directories on what they are writing on that niche before you write.

    > Get the right tone of writing. Tone can be Promotional, informative and Entertaining or all combined.

    > Never put conclusion if you intend to get click thorough to your website, make the reader want to go to your site for more information.

    > Design a good call of action in your author resource box. Offer something like free report on may be 'weight loss' if your article is about weight loss. You will definitely get high click through rate.

    > Publish your articles in WEB 2.0 Platforms

    > I found use of tips and bullets to make the article more appealing to the reader since it looks simplified and to the point.

    This are some of the things that I have always found useful over the years providing SEO content to buyers and for my business. The list is not conclusive and authoritative you may add and correct any where you disagree with me.
    Do you believe that content written this way is king? Let us here your opinion. :)