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    I use UC Browser on my android Samsung neo tab3 tablet , i don't know whether what I'm going to say will be applying to other browsers or not. My Thing is completely Strange.. now getting to the matter..i even posted the screenshots of what im seeing in my Facebook newsfeed..

    Here we go..

    When i scroll down on Facebook normally i see the tab " display hidden content" button(not very usual ) and when I click that Hidden button it displays me the page which i didn't even liked (page name : Next page :) (include smiley) ).. yeah i still didn't liked that page but I'm just clueless on why it is appearing.
    It sometimes appears without any need to click display hidden content button just like usual liked page's posts.

    This Page has cool 87k(at the time of writing) likes setup in 2014 Oct i think.. i think the person behind it is doing some magic... i had even saw many other pages like that..examples are given in screenshots..

    I'm Observing this page from weeks and I'm able to see 2k-3k likes increase every week..

    Now it's up to you, BHW members to give their views on this..

    Those ununderstandable words are in Hindi ( I'm from India) and has nothing related to this problem.

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