1. A

    Unite together and crush the ad platforms using AI

    Ok the title got you here because you thought about it also. I'm currently working on building a tool to enable this strategy to come to life. Why? Because ad platforms are a straight up scam. I've built multiple companies over the past 13 years and learnt many incredible strategies for...
  2. T

    Learning Python

    hey!, im new in this "scene" and i want to learn python for some shit :D, i just started 1 week ago and just want to learn more about the language, maybe anyone can help me so far with my problem. i want to make a spam bot for a website but selenium is way to slow and i want to use proxies...
  3. dieuetlefer

    Need help for reverse engineering android sdk

    Hello i'm looking for some people able to reverse some sdk and anderstand how this app work. I'm talking about face biometric application so no for every body. you will need some experiences. Platform used is android. I will pay A LOT for whoever will help me I'm developper and made some...
  4. themaster61

    Facebook or Google Ads

    I need someone experienced to post my ads on Facebook & Google ADS, I can make the payment via crypto for the expenses (I don't want to be tracked, that's why I am not creating my own account and adding my credit card) TG: leoundeads
  5. octopocto

    Is it ethical to reduce your competitors' SEO score through hacking?

    Hey! I just wonder, If you can slow down your competitors' websites and block access to all them, would you do it? (Like DDoS attack, not access to site directly, not stealing anything) Or, If you have the able to consume all of your competitors' ads by bot attacking their ads, would you do it...
  6. Hex_case

    Let's talk Cybersecurity

    I recently saw a post about someone here on BWH who got their website hacked and since I have experience in, and I am currently studying for certifications in Cybersecurity, I thought it would be nice to share what I know. The basics: - Do regular backups and have a plan in case shit hits the...
  7. C

    I change everything but again Instagram knows it's me !!!!

    Hi guys, I change my device, my public dynamic IP address, account, username, password, email, browser, app, cookies and everything and again Instagram knows it's me, and my question was do you know that can IG spot public dynamic IPs are coming from the same person or they know me another way...
  8. Epicster

    Brute force, DDOS attacks - How do you prevent such kind of stuff?

    Hi there, So here's the case. The site is receiving constant DDOS and brute force attacks which I have done my best to mitigate, but till not been able to get properly rid of it. So far, I have - Blocking XMLRPC through CloudFlare. - Blocking Origin Access except for Cloudflare - Blocking...
  9. M

    Looking for specific instagram mail adress linked to profile

    Hello, i am looking for someone who can find out email adresses linked to an instagram account. Please send a pn or answer here if you can help or know a service where i can find the information. Thank you, josh
  10. J

    New to BHW!! With a big interest and money motivated!

    Hello all, I've had a little browse of a fraction of the site so far, mainly the forums and what people are chatting about. Seems interesting to say the least and some of the opportunites/advice being posted is quality, like I said I've only seen a few things so far too! I'm glad I signed up...
  11. A

    Is this what they called parasite links?

    so i bought a domain a week ago and connected it to my hosting, I installed a wordpress and just leave it right there. After a week I searched my domain in google site:mydomain.com) or "mydonain.com" and woooooo! What is this? I didnt even submitted it to search console yet. I used generate...
  12. A

    Having trouble connecting a USB WIFI adapter to my virtual box.

    I am trying to install driver for Realtek 8812BU so that it functions properly on my virtualbox, because whenever I try to connect it to my kali machine on vbox it just stops functioning basically as soon as i plug it in, but works fine on my host. MY WIRELESS Adapter is an AIGITAL 1200M Realtek...
  13. Kherosen

    any tool for email spamming?

    Hi there, i dont know if this is the right thread but still i'm talking about tools so here we are. Does anyone know a good tool (free/paid) for email spamming? i mean i have no email host, no professional email or whatever.. is there a way to just follow some steps and start email-spam right...
  14. Y

    hello from austin tech

    hi there! joined to get lots of help with growth hacking and lead gen my focus is high volume shopify/magento/bigcommerce merchants selling 500-5000 orders per day (5 days in a week)
  15. A

    How to get into IG app with web cookies?

    I want to log in into android Instagram using web browser sessionid cookie. As you may know, the web browser doesn't allow you to see temporary photos or videos, and afaik the only way to see them is with the mobile app. (btw if there's a simpler way just tell me haha) This post may also be of...
  16. H

    Harry Hempire

    Hello Am a newbie and would love to meet great minds that are willing to teach and guide me through, am a fast learner.
  17. R

    Bin or CC for Google Cloud Trial

    Hello, I need bins and ccs for Google Cloud Trials. Can anyone help, where to get it. Thanks
  18. R

    Need Massive Linkedin Accounts

    Hi guys, I'm searching a tool for creating a lot, really a lot linkedin accounts. if someone know something about it, we can talk about price if that is necessary
  19. B

    PBN's and constant hacking / attacks /

    So i have quite a few domains that I have that I have bought over the years and I have now figured I may as well make them PBNs So I have installed wordpress into all of them and made them all websites- functioning websites and have them on various hosting platforms. However, they are...
  20. K

    I need game unpack services.

    Hello. I have files made in C ++ and packed with a kind of encryption. I need someone to unpack these files and extract the content inside. These are game files that have been turned into binaries. Maybe it can be done in reverse engineering, cracking these files or something. I will pay well...
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