Completely confused about CPA, PPD and Content Locking!?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by Wes10, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I just registered to ask this question, after reading and trying a lot of stuff around CPA (Getting YouTube traffic, to blog or to PPD site, content locking, etc.), I've concluded that I'm very confused and need to clear things up.

    First of all, when doing PPD (like FileIce) a lot of people say that I should upload fake keygens (and post it as a video), or something similar closely related to new and upcoming games, movies, apps and music.

    My question is - don't you get copyright problems with these stuff? Apart from perhaps getting your YT vids and account banned (which is okay), couldn't they contact Blogspot (if you sent the traffic from YT to a blog) or even worse your web host (if you have youor own domain)?

    I mean, the file (crack, keygen, movie) is fake and perhaps even non-existent, but still, what if the copyright owner thinks your offer is real - isn't that a problem (or does this never happen)?

    Also, doesn't FileIce (or ShareCash, UploadPay, AdsecendMedia, Blam...) forbidd traffic that comes looking for copyrighted content (meaning they would not pay you at the end of the month)? Or is this kind of traffic not foribbiden? Perhaps it is, and you must at ALL times blank the referrer? Or maybe some networks allow traffic that comes from the above mentioned method (while others dont - perhaps some specific ones)?

    Thanks! And please help a noob - you were once just like me :D
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    As long as your traffic converts on their side...i dont think you should worry:D
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    I think it's part of the game, this is why it's called blackhat.. you should accept that you would deceive a prospect in order to make money. Anyways, yes there are cpa companies that doesn't care what traffic you bring as long as it is converting.
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    You can never learn or earn, if you ask stupid questions. You speak like someone that does not need to make money to survive or pay for his expensive bad habits. There is no one on this planet who makes clean money.

    So, stop trying to be reasonable and do what works. If you have strong morals and stuff - then "earthly posession's" are not for you.

    Also, the easiest way to answer these questions you have is to "experience" them 1st hand - then you will be busy figuring out ways to stay afloat not asking question's that dont help you make more money !!!!