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    Hey guys, so when I first started eBay I was a regular fellow, I had no idea eBay was tracking me through cookies/flash/etc... I had no idea how to get a VPS to start up firefox so I could log into my eBay accounts on a VPS. I had no idea what a "stealth" account was. I just knew I wanted to sell something on eBay, and so I did and I grew and grew into what I am today. During that growth however I had MANY hiccups, there were multiple times when I didn't know basic principles, principles that would have saved me tremendous amounts of time, such as the fact you pretty much need a new user account for each eBay account you own. So I have decided that I am going to make a list, a list that has as many possible tips/helpful hints that I learned from going into the dark side of Stealth. I'm making this list in the hope that someone else out there might just figure something out, without having to spend hours and hours failing. (like I did - a LOT) - Also I had to post this again because of an error with the original which prevented me from editing the list.

    PRO TIP: If you are looking for something specific on this page use Ctrl+F to search up pinpointed terms. For example, I use Ctrl+F and type in "IP address" this page will then find that term and highlight it so I can scroll down and find info about IP addresses.

    I will add things as I have time. A lower number usually means a more basic tip, for example #1 is common knowledge, while #100 is wizardry to most.

    The List:

    1. NEVER USE TOR, eBay and PayPal HATE TOR it will almost always result in a ban/suspension (They think you're doing something vile just because you use TOR, so avoid it!)

    2. Unless you really REALLY know what you're doing you won't be able to do a good clean up job with the cookies/flash/cache. So I HIGHLY recommend you create a new user account on Windows. (This will separate your cookies/flash/caches between users) So 1 user = 1 eBay/PayPal

    3. With an IP you have a few options, if you want to run maybe 1-2 stealth accounts just stick with switching your home IP - maybe even keep a log of what IPs you use (SOMETIMES they get recycled, so you might get the same IP on Monday as the one you had last Tuesday). However if you plan to have 3+ stealth accounts you should just get a VPS server that allows you to buy multiple IPs and switch between them freely.

    4. In my opinion managing an eBay account can be a pain on a VPS if you're trying to print off shipping labels (Unless you have a VPS with Windows installed), so if you need to print shipping labels go buy a service called Auctiva they allow you to print them and list items on eBay without giving away your IP (So you could use an old dirty IP when using Auctiva, just as long as when you set up Auctiva for the FIRST time you use an IP that is clean and legit) - After the first time you set up Auctiva they wont send eBay/PayPal your IP anymore.

    5. If you need a USA phone number get a trackphone from Wall-Mart. - DO NOT go for VoIP, or Google voice, the numbers they use most of the time are heavily recycled and reused by other people. There is a higher risk of suspension if you use a VoIP, or Google Voice, however if you have already created an account with one and have not been suspended then you are safe.

    6. Canadian PayPal accounts don't require SSNs, so if you can get a Canadian IP and Address you can make one! (I use a Canadian VPS for the IP) - Sometimes Canadian PayPal's ask for an SIN which is pretty much the same as an SSN. (But in Canada they're not mandatory yet so celebrate!)

    7. PayPal does not check the name on Bank accounts if you link them to your PayPal. (So if your name is Jeff on the bank account but the paypal name says Paul it wont cause a problem with paypal. Some banks however don't like it when you get deposits from paypal accounts that don't have your name though) - US BANK, WELLS FARGO, BofA, and most other major banks DO NOT CARE if your name does not match the name on the paypal account depositing to you. (The only ones that do care tend to be the tiny local banks)

    8. You can "craft" info paypal and ebay ask you for. (Such as IDs, statements, etc...) - Imagine a college dropout pouring through 1000's of papers from 1000's of PayPal users, he gets bored and stops really looking at them 5 minutes in. Just make sure they have the same address/name as on your account though, because he does check that.

    9. Public Proxy's suck - eBay/PayPal has banned almost all of them (Okay private proxy's might not suck, but they can be risky) - Someone may have used the proxy in the past, and did bad things, very bad things like watching US TeleTubbies in Kazakhstan - That's just something you don't do, in any country.

    10. Account suspended? Forget about it and never log in again, maybe try to pay off any fees if there are lots (50$+) but if there really isn't that many fees just stop using the account because they probably wont try to collect it from you anyway.

    11. eBay wont even try to get a fee from you if it is below 1.00$, they might limit you though.

    12. PayPal freeze your funds for 180 days? Wait the 180 days, they will email you and ask you to attach a new bank account so you can withdraw whatever is in the account after the time is up.

    13. A lot of users have had a bad time with Hide My A$$ pro vpn. (Legend has it they recycle old and sometimes "dirty" IP addresses, so you may get your account banned if you log in through HMA vpn.

    14. Safest way to log in to an account? Get a vps with a desktop gui, start up firefox and log in from there. Second safest way to log in without getting eBay/PayPal's panties in a knot? Change your home IP address, make a new user account on your computer, and log in.

    15. Can't seem to change your IP address, even though its dynamic? Get your smart phone and tether it's mobile internet to your laptop. (Also great for getting internet on your laptop when your in the middle of nowhere)

    16. The best time to make a phone call in an emergency situation is at night. This is because during the day the Sun's rays can block phone signals, while at night there are significantly less sun rays, which means you'll get a better phone signal at night! (Had to make sure you weren't just skimming through these tips, although this is still a real tip)

    17. eBay tracks you through these things only: Name, address, IP address - Mainly just if you use the same computer, flash, caches, cookies, sloppiness, SSN, Credit Card #, phone numbers, bank accounts, pictures in listings you made, descriptions of listings you made, in severe cases if you opened multiple accounts that all got suspended they can even get you just by the family ties. So if you plan to open a new account you must have different info FOR EVERYTHING I JUST MENTIONED.

    18. If you decide to get a new IP address through Smartphone tethering, eBay will think you are using dial up to connect, which is fine and they will not ban you for it.

    19. For IP addresses you can get Verizon's new shared dataplan, for $200/month you could have 10gb's of data and 5 separate ip addresses.

    20. If you need multiple addresses you can open a PO box at each Post office branch in your local area.

    21. To make a PO box look like a real address just write the street address of the Post office branch, followed by your PO box number.

    22. When printing shipping labels through a VPS there is an option called "print to PDF" - Basically when you're trying to print the label from Paypal/ebay, during the part where it asks you to select a printer the default for a VPS usually will be Microsoft XPS document writer if using a Windows VPS. Just change that from the drop down menu to "print to pdf" and it will save the label to a PDF file. You can then copy + paste that PDF to your real desktop and print it from there if you want. - With this method you can make the shipping labels on a VPS and print them on your primary computer. (When printing through you can even choose your own return address) - This entire tip comes from blt938 - thanks

    23. If you need to print shipping labels from a VPS you can also connect to your VPS via Windows remote desktop connection (WRDC) When starting up WRDC go into its settings and select local resources, make sure you checkmark printers. (This way it will give you the option to print directly to your home printer from the VPS you connect to through WRDC)

    24. If your account has received a VeRO take-down you can fight the take-down and get your item relisted 99% of the time by following this guide: (Its old but I have used this guide successfully on July 20, 2014) - It costs too much for a company to take legal action to stop you from relisting the item, so they most likely wont in 99% of cases. (This guide has worked over 100 times, with 0 times ending in legal issues) - Also this will remove the VeRO strike against your account. - Strikes can build up over time ending with harsher consequences if you don't fight against the take-down.

    25. If you call eBay/PayPal support regarding a normal issue expect them to take a good look at your account, so if you are doing some SHADY stuff it is a good idea not to attract attention by calling.

    There's a lot more for later, but now I must go. If you've got some tips you'd like here post them below. Also if this proves helpful please feel free to give it a thanks with the button at the end.
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