Community guidlines vs Monetized videos (adsense approved) ?

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    Question for the experts please ! ( I have been YT ing for several years myself)

    Ten days before, I had little over 10 accounts (ready to link AdSense), each is in different niche, each has at least 200k views, been on YT for few weeks to few months , has own private proxy.
    And I linked 2-3 accounts to AdSense each day( different ones , everything diffirent including verification phone numbers), and adsense approved every one of them ,and monetized. It took 4-5days to complete linking all of them to AdSense and monetized. 3-5 days after each monetization, accounts were started to suspended due to "Community Guideline" only . They were suspended one by one almost by order , just 3-5 days after monetization of each. Today last two were suspended due to Community Guideline which were also linked adsense last day. Almost I predicted that they would be suspended today or tomorrow. It is so freaking unnatural and seems coded.
    I think these things have started to happen last few months ( which I had never experienced before) . December I lost few accounts similar fashion.

    So here is the question.
    What is the new algorithm between Community Guidelines vs Monetized (account linked adsense) videos and Community Guidelines vs Not monetized videos( account not linked adsense) ?

    Generally How has Community Guidelines evolved recent months and how does it work nowadays ?

    What did I do wrong here ?

    I would be very appreciated for your sharing knowledge !

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