Commercial Vs. Custom WP..Big Deal or No?

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    Custom made or commercial WP(envato market) in your honest opinion? What's your personal preference?

    With not much experience with Wordpress or coding, its fairly difficult for me to create a custom theme, although I'm studying (hours) to become acquainted with it. I've resorted to commercial themes at the moment that allow me to replace txt and pictures (to an extent) so I can just get the ball rolling. Isn't that what many developers do anyways? Purchase a theme, modify it to fit their clients’ needs and then presto!

    On that note, one hurdle I've encountered is that I've noticed in the page source of the theme I purchased it shows the company name of where I purchased the theme. You can then go to their page and Bam!! you will see my theme right there minus the few changes I've made.

    IMO this will hurt my credibility. Is there any way to change the wp-content themes folder name to only display my website name without breaking the site (I've researched this and that's what many people seem to warn about)?

    I realize if someone wants to copy my site it can be done with ease, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to make it that much easier for them to do so.

    I know this was probably a total noob question. I was once part of an IM team for a couple sites with some friends of mine. My role on the team involved mostly the link building/content side of things, the actual development of the site I didn't have a direct part in. We've now all parted ways and I'm on my own having to learn the WP creation side of things. I'm totally jealous of you guys who can whip up a theme in 30 minutes!