Cloaking Challenge


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Mar 26, 2009
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Win $1188 Worth Of Link Management Software

Cloaking has just been added to, a fully-featured Smart Link management platform.

Like many software developers, we want to know what you think of it. So we decided to bribe you.

First Prize - $1188 Worth Of Link Management Software

Your challenge is to discover the URL cloaked by this link:

We don’t think you will, but we don’t know everything, do we? There are some pretty smart people that hang out here so hey, why not give it a try? If you succeed, post the link on this forum and explain how you did it.

Runner Up Prizes - $528 Worth Of Link Management Software

Your challenge is to break it.

The cloaking is not browser-dependent, but it would be good to test it across many browser/OS combinations. Is there a little problem that escaped us and only affects IE on Windows XP? (Yes, there are still some of those out there…). We want to know.

We also want to know if any page gets mangled. We can only find out by cloaking many pages. Your pages, for example.

To win one of the Runner Up prizes, you will need to create an account on, then create a Smart Link with at least one landing page, and cloak it. Instructions appear when you log in the first time, and are self-explanatory.

The first month is free. Just sign up and cancel and you won’t be charged. We use PayPal so you can be sure once you cancel, they will not bill you. No risk. Do it here:

You do not have to use one of your own landing pages. It can be any page.

  • uses frames to cloak. Some sites have frame busters. When you try to cloak them you will get a blank page. You don’t win a prize for this.

  • You must reveal a new bug or a new mangled page that has not been previously identified by a participant.

  • You must post a review of the product on BHW before your subscription can be extended to the full 12 month period.

  • There is no limit to the number of Runner Up Prizes, but the offer expires one month from the posting of this message. subscriptions begin at $27 per month for 10,000 redirects. The first prize is a twelve month subscription for 100,000 redirects per month worth $1188 ($99/mo). The Runner Up Prizes are twelve month subscriptions for 25,000 redirects per month worth $528 ($44/mo).

The above pricing is for the full Smart Link service of which cloaking is only one feature.

One last thing… if you grow frustrated from not winning a prize, but you think the product is cool and you post a review here, we can work something out…