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  1. F

    lospollos smart links on tube sites

    Hi All, I would like to get your feedback on running lospollos smart links on adult tube sites, specifically: 1) Where the smart links were published, header, footer on a side? 2) Any specific images used with the links to attract attention? 3) Were pop ups used? Basically, please share your...
  2. N

    Adverten Cam smartlink

    Hello, I'd like to ask a question regarding adverten cam offers: I'm ready to start my campaign,used free domain from freenom and when all redirection chain started,proper cam offer wasn't always loaded.Also sometimes even expired domains happened at the end. Does anyone had similar experience...
  3. Rafael Ferreira

    iMonetizeit - Cant appprove my account

    Hello everyone, first of all I would like to thank you for being part of this great IM community. I'm new here at BHW and also at IM. Everything I've learned until now has been thanks to generous people who have shared their experiences and knowledge and am immensely grateful to them for it. I...
  4. loopoo - Scamming Smartlink Adult Dating CPA

    Two weeks ago I received an invitation from this user. (now banned) Made the minimum amount for withdrawal. (100$ not much) Waited for money transfer. (till now) And TA-DA: I WROTE THIS THREAD BECAUSE I RECEIVED GOOD LESSON: DON'T USE CPA WITHOUT GOOD REVIEWS ON TRUSTFULL RESOURCES AND I WANT...
  5. rockinrobin

    Conversion Rate Optimization - Review Copies Available

    A Limited Number Of Review Copies Is Available PM me for instructions. Reply to this thread if you have questions about the product.
  6. rockinrobin

    Cloaking Challenge

    Win $1188 Worth Of Link Management Software Cloaking has just been added to, a fully-featured Smart Link management platform. Like many software developers, we want to know what you think of it. So we decided to bribe you. First Prize - $1188 Worth Of Link Management Software Your...