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Cloaker for Forex

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by SirBoboHobo, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. SirBoboHobo

    SirBoboHobo Newbie

    Nov 22, 2019
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    Hey guys, first time here, I'm quite amazed and happy to have found this forum, I've known about it before but never really dug deep until now.

    I've been doing marketing for quite some time now, have a few big projects I'm working on, I was approached by a family member about a business opportunity.
    I have experienced with Facebook Ads (Shopify store), I have an account with 10,000$ ad spend.

    My family member is doing finance for a Forex broker, who is looking for leads, so I was approached with an offer to create said leads through cloaking on facebook ads.
    I have no experience with cloaking, I researched the topic and found some tools but I still need some help and guidance!

    1. I've found a cloaker called ZeusTrak which I've heard great things about, Is that a good cloaker?

    2.What Interest am I supposed to put? does the facebook review ban ads with interests containing Forex? or do I put interests that are close to Forex, like investments and so on, is my safe page has to be in the niche of my interests?

    3.I was provided with a landing page, am I supposed to create my own landing page that links to their landing page (so theirs doesn't get blacklisted)?