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    I was an affiliate of chris farrell membership for over 1 year and 6 months,
    and liked his laid back style and honesty, and I learned a lot from his" how to create a one page website and make money" tutorials.

    I opened an account with ClickBank as he suggested, as that's how he pays his affiliates out.

    Then sometime later, I read a statement that ClickBank would charge any one with
    an account a Penalty fee, if no money went into the account, which would start from as little as $1-$50, and increase,over time.

    So I tried hard to get sales,or subscribers, but failed miserably, and the day before a year was up,I managed to get 1 conversion into a sale!
    That 1 member stayed active for 6 months then quit for some reason!

    So I struggled on,got many hits in traffic Supremacy and 100's of other free traffic exchanges,
    solo ads,link trackers,trafficG,traffic ad bar etc,but never any sales!

    I have 3-4 telephone address notebooks full of free business opportunities
    and trafiic exchanges etc online,have had heaps of hits/views.But never any conversion to sales!
    And have recently noticed in the free traffic-supremacy trafiic exchange,
    when you place an AD in the AD section of it, your ad created is not seen, but some other affiliates link to traffic-supremacy!

    Earlier on this year I forget to add a payment to my credit card, so my membership to chris farrell was cancelled,and I lost the free hosting for life of the website by Chris Farrell.So my website went offline.
    I couldn't receive the money I'd earned due to tough Click Bank CDR rules,
    that state one must have 5 sales, made by 5 different buyers with credit cards
    before a check is released and sent you!
    But now I am getting charged a monthly maintenance fee. which I feel is chipping away at what I've struggled to earn!

    My question is, did I fail big time because I solely used free traffic exchanges etc?
    And do they fake the hits to your site,redirect your traffic gained,or your links to
    theirs etc as some forums,articles claim?

    Should I go back into the MLM business I was in
    before,chrisfarrellmembership,as it was the only 1 out of the many
    I joined that actually made me money?

    And where can I get "paid" traffic that truly are people wanting to buy products, or pay to join a good affilate program and aren't time wasters?

    As I just want to complete stage 2 of my mission, which is
    financial freedom security and non dependency on welfare or state etc.
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