clickbank sales

  1. SeedPhrase

    CB Sales Mobile/Mail Notification

    Is there any way I can connect my phone number or email with the Clickbank to get sales notifications to the phone as an affiliate? That would motivate me so much :anyway::anyway:
  2. P

    I need 2 clickbank sales for $3 and I will pay $7

    I need 2 Clickbank sale with $3 value and I will pay $7 for that. I will give you the link and you can buy for $1.4 and you will get $3 or you can promote my link to generate one sale. I need thos two sales because I am a beginer in clickbank method and I made some money from 3 sales but I need...
  3. C

    Many weeks, Many clicks, 0 sales

    Ok. So I will start off by saying I am still not deterred. I will continue to plug away until I can come up with something, but I do want to share where I'm at so maybe if anyone has any insight they can share. I have been promoting click bank for a few months now. At first it was more here and...
  4. mazterg

    my 1st CB Sale.. !! :)

    First of all Sorry for my bad English.. that's not my 1st language .. :) I started using CB since October 1st, i read some awesome methods here in BHW and i used it.. :D and i gave up already on the first week.. its Oct. 7.. because i can't see any sales coming.. but I'm shocked when i...
  5. V

    My First and Second CB Sales

    Hi everyone, The best thing about CB is that you get sales when you least expect them and it's really an awesome feeling when you open your account after quite a long time and you have money in it. My first sale was on 11 Oct of $22 and I was very happy. I made my second sale of $46 yesterday on...
  6. E

    HIGH Demand! LOW Competition! New Clickbank Product - 75% Commission

    Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know about my new fitness product which can be found in the Clickbank marketplace now. Just do a search for Thigh Gap Magic. This product is perfect for any affiliate with an email list or blog dedicated to thinspo, pro ana, thin thighs, or thin legs...
  7. H

    Click Bank Blues

    I was an affiliate of chris farrell membership for over 1 year and 6 months, and liked his laid back style and honesty, and I learned a lot from his" how to create a one page website and make money" tutorials. I opened an account with ClickBank as he suggested, as that's how he pays his...
  8. V

    Getting enough views but no sale :-(

    I created a clickbank product video on youtube where I have been getting constant views but no comments, likes or sales. Any one knows what can be the reason ? Video - www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=X69-DIkmiHo&feature=g-upl
  9. J

    Need Help: how do I find a converting clickbank sales page or product that converts well?

    Hi, Jarod here =]. Although I've been a registered member for a very long time, I've been visiting this forum for maybe a week now, and have been learning about affiliate marketing (1 week so far) by George Brown of the Google Sniper 2.0 program, but my question is how do I find converting...
  10. andreyg13

    5,272 hops and 3 sales! awsome stats!

    I recently joined clickbank and i tryied bunch of stuff but this is really getting on my nerves. I have 5,272 hops and just 3 sales. I did not even make enough sales so clickbank can send my checks which are about $68 ...lool! I got a lot of awsome tips from this forum and i just want to say...
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