Cheapest PPV - CPV Network

I just searched this on Google.

Anyone wanna chime in feel free.. ****** is retarded cheap, it's a sponsored link shortening service..
Hey guys

I heard Adon charges 0.005/1000 impressions

is this correct?

ps i know there traffic is shit, bit can i get PPV for this price?
Quality of the traffic is more important. Cheap PPV/CPV networks have poor quality traffic. Find a network that has optimum quality and price (at the end results higher conversions). For me it is always Traffic Vance the second is Media Traffic
Good thread, i'm also on lookout for cheap ppv traffic, or a guide to learn ppv for CPA.
yup, traffic quality is much more important than prices. Otherwise, you can easily burn thousand of dollars without good conversions even if you get cheap clicks
I tried to apply to Traffic Vance, but they denied my account. Do you know a way to be accepted?
Has anyone tried using cpv with url shortener programs?
for the best PPV network I would have to go with Trafficvance.

as far as paid clicks like ******... you guys should check out Paying about 1.5x what you see on ******.. $5.50 CPM for US traffic. (I don't want to post the ref link but if you want to help me out PM me :D)
hey bro,
I gotta tell ya that PPVplaybook has this smoken guide on a single method on how to actually make it work... I wish I could upload it to you, cause you must pay the monthly membership fee to get in.
I don't know if I can put my link in here?
Would you rather spend $100 and lose it all..

Or spend $1000 and make $2000?

Look for quality man, don't look for the cheapest.
I ways using Mediatraffic and Adon network, I think is Mediatraffic is better than adon,
Also want to join TV.
I ways using Mediatraffic and Adon network, I think is Mediatraffic is better than adon,
Also want to join TV.

Do you have any way to contact them, apart ben's email address ?
I can't wait 36h for each new campaign to start.
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