1. H

    How do I get low CPV (cost per view) for In-Stream YouTube Video Ad in Ad-words?

    I am able to create and run a successful In-Stream Video ad campaign for YouTube, Targeting India only but my CPV is not going lower 0.07–0.08₹. There are some advertisers who are providing skip ad views at cheap rates. I want to know what is the secrete of lowering the CPV for In-Stream Video...
  2. real_popov

    Is there a network that can pay you to provide real view on YouTube in bulk ?

    Hi BHW. Well, I'm a newbie, and this is my first thread on BHW, sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm not a native English speaker.I'm writing this thread because I have some ideas and I'm planning to make some journeys to document my progress and improve my English. Currently I am looking...
  3. Vladimir375

    Make money with cpv

    Hi, is there a way to make a solid passive income with cpv? Open for all ideas.
  4. oczko98

    What CPA/CPV network?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the best CPV/PPV, CPA network. I was looking for CPALeads but the ads are not working on my site. Also the WP plugin is not working. Which one can you recomend me? I'll be using wordpress site. Thanks!
  5. SEO Content Demon

    Anyone has experience with PPV/Push/Pop traffic?

    I am trying and testing some paid traffic sources apart from Google, Bing and Facebook. I am looking for working with these sites: Zeropark, Tonic, EZmob, Richpush, Datspush etc. Does anyone have experience with such traffic? And can anyone give some advice on which source to go with? And any...
  6. Tchiko

    Tutorial or Video for PPV / CPV method

    Hi, I'm newbie, i have learned how to choose the right cpa offer and how to find best website, keywordd related it but i dont found how to promote the offer with ppv / cpv method I can start only for low budget for testing after that i can increase the budget have you any NEW video or...
  7. F

    ppv with less deposit

    hi i know that i should consider ppv networks that converts well and not with less deposit but i'm new in ppv and i want to try an offer for peerfly and i have just 50$ on my paypal so i'm wondering if there is a network who can accept 50 buccs as a minimum deposit for ppv lead impact traffic...
  8. L

    Cost Per Video View

    Anyone knows a affiliate network that has something like CPA, but your goal is to lead people to watch a video and that's what you get payed for?
  9. G

    Uploading Top Porn Company's Videos

    I remember stumbling upon a porn site once that embedded full videos from the top porn companies. Every video was hosted through openload and that's how the site generated revenue for the most part. Could someone with background in this business share their experiences? The two main questions I...
  10. installcube

    Seeking for CPA network with good PPC/PPV basis

    Hi! Anyone can advice some CPA network with good CPClick/CPView impressions? Ping directly or skype: account.installcube with request: "#cpa_traffic"
  11. James Owens

    Question About PPV Images

    I've been checking lots of PPV image sites. For those who don't know. Most of these sites will pay you around $6-$12 USD per 1000 views on the images you upload. My question is, do these sites count a view when you embed the photos to your blog? If that is the case then the potential to earn...
  12. Y


    Hello, I have recently launched an adult side and i am looking to get traffic to my site. Any help/tips are appreciated. Im not really into bot traffic as they do not click or watch videos. If you would like to see my site it is analplus.easyxtubes. Your visit is appreciated as it also helps me.
  13. A

    List of Best PPV/CPM/CPV Networks

    Hi Guyz, I am going to use my website to make some $$. But I don't know which pay per view network pays best and have payout method through payza*. So I want to know all the networks. Waiting to hear from.
  14. K

    Top Paying Ad Network

    Hi Everyone This is an official post of klixfeed.com klixfeed.com is a private ad network. We are looking to open to more reputable publishers with quality websites. What we offer: CPV and CPC feeds for different types of traffic quality. Many ad options: XML...
  15. S

    Best CPM Network for USA Traffic

    Pls I Am New And I Badly Need Help.... Started using Edomz 3 days ago because they said they were paying $4- $10 per 1000imp but see my stats Date 27 / Nov / 2012 Impression 297 Unique 142 CTR 47.81% Earnings (Avg Bid) $0.1030 ( $0.0007 ) Referal $0.0000 Total Earnings $0.1030 28 / Nov / 2012...
  16. K

    Networks That Will Allow Ads On Custom Videos

    I'm starting my own website with custom video reviews. Can anyone suggests an ad network that I can be a publisher to put ads on my videos and get paid based on ppv/ppc besides Adsense/YouTube? These videos will be throughout the USA. I'll hire people to go places and do custom video reviews and...
  17. procam

    Does Lead Impact allow this type of site.

    I'm interested in creating landing pages for my movie site and promoting them with Lead Impact. Does LI allow movie landing pages, will they approve my LP's or will it be waste of time? Thanks!
  18. F

    Related Domains Finder / Scraper

    I did a recent search on the forum and big G for a "related domains finder" and haven't come up with any software that is current. The closest thing I came across was from the Cash Keywords Pro folks but it looks like they no longer support the software. I'm looking for additional URLs after...
  19. C

    Adonnetwork bulk up load template?

    The Adonnetwork uses a MS Excel spreadsheet template to bulk upload keywords into their system. I tried for almost two weeks to use the bulk upload template; but it does not work for me. Adonnetwork's system always gives me a message saying that the template was successfully uploaded. However...
  20. T

    Traffic Vance Referral

    Need some help, trying to get into Traffic Vance. I have been trying to contact employees at their headquarters and getting nowhere. I have the cash but need the referral to get into TV. Can anyone help? Thanks
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