cpv networks

  1. Tchiko

    Tutorial or Video for PPV / CPV method

    Hi, I'm newbie, i have learned how to choose the right cpa offer and how to find best website, keywordd related it but i dont found how to promote the offer with ppv / cpv method I can start only for low budget for testing after that i can increase the budget have you any NEW video or...
  2. L

    Cost Per Video View

    Anyone knows a affiliate network that has something like CPA, but your goal is to lead people to watch a video and that's what you get payed for?
  3. arifansariseo

    Looking CPC, CPV ad networks sites for YouTube?

    Hi, I am looking adsense alternative which offers CPC, CPV commission on Youtube video, If you have any good experience with anyone ad network which offers good CPC and RPM then please suggest me.. Thanks for your support.. and Quick reply..
  4. A

    Starting Media Buying with Traffic Vance

    Hi Masters, Hope you guys are doing well. I have $1k Budget for Traffic Vance and I am thinking to start with CPA offer from Maxbounty. Please guide me which category should I choose to start my traffic ? My AM told me Athletic Greens - US is the good converting offer for Contextual Traffic...
  5. X

    Private solution for CPC/CPV traffic

    Private network looking for serious partners with CPC and CPV traffic. Right now I?m seeking: HQ Traffic (got ban in adsense? No problem, welcome! Up to $10 per click) LQ Traffic (RON) - highest bids in the industry, up to 8$ per 1k clicks! CPV Traffic (popup, popunder and layer). Benefits: Any...
  6. procam

    **$20 Minimum Deposit Lead Impact (LI) Account up for Grabs**

    I'm getting ride of an old Lead Impact account I have laying around. I'm not using it and it has a $20 minimum deposit and as you all know they now have a $1000 minimum on new account deposits. I can provide proof, if interested just shoot me a PM.
  7. procam

    LeadImpact Conversion Tracking Pixel Down?

    I go to add some funds to my account so I can run a campaign and I see this message from LI: Our conversion tracking pixel is currently undergoing maintenance and reports may not be available at this time. We are working to get resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience How...
  8. F

    Need cpv with usa traffic

    Hi, please offer some cpv networks with a lot of USA traffic (about 700k-900k daily) and minimum bid at 0.0005 to 0.001. Will be good referral ;) Traffic will be used only for clean white sites
  9. C

    Cheapest PPV - CPV Network

    Hey guys, just want to know wich network is the best in term of price thanks :)
  10. JohnKarr

    CPV networks

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a few cpv networks to test out. I've used zango before, and had some success, but it seems that there user base has vanished, and I can't get any campaign up and running. Adon network has got to be the worst run company of all time. All there e-mails addresses...
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