Change Log: behind the scenes at BHW

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A couple of juicy updates for everyone today.
  • The marketplace rules have been updated. Everything can now be found in one thread. Rules for buyers and sellers were added in and rules for specific marketplace threads have been included. The new format should be much easier for everyone to go through now.
  • @Heiko, who's been an amazing Jr. Moderator and valuable member of the team, has been promoted to a Moderator. You can read more about it in this thread.

You must provide a VPS to the reviewing moderator so that we can test your software. Note that we will not need to keep the VPS after the review.

This was updated on December 13th, but after receiving a marketplace listing approval, sellers will have 30 days to pay for the listing. Listings not paid for within this time will be rejected and the seller will have to go through the approval process again.
From the start of 2022 the weekly pm newsletter will no longer be sent from my account. Instead, you will receive your weekly BHW news from @BHW-News .
This better reflects the team effort that goes into creating and producing the newsletter each week.
Systems alerts and updates will continue to come from my account.
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A new subforum has been created today for Reddit. If anyone finds any recent Reddit threads, please use the report button so that we can move them there.

Yesterday, @Mrnewbie was made into an MIT and @Heiko was promoted to a Super Moderator.
A new rules thread for the affiliate programs section, along with several other subforums, has been created to make things easier to understand for those of use that section.

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As of 30th March 2022, the following rules will apply for any new and updates to existing blog commenting threads in the marketplace:
  1. High DA/PA/authority claims must be defined. For example, if you're claiming a specific metric, you must define what you consider to be "high" (e.g., DA 40 or more).
  2. "Manually done/completed" claims will be verified. If a service claims to be manually done, we expect that no software (e.g., ScrapeBox) be used at any point for the service. The reviewing moderator can and will inquire about this during your review.
This can be found in section 3 of chapter 5 of the marketplace.
Some members informed us that there was a waterfall suggestion feature enabled in one of the subforums.

After looking into this, the waterfall feature was incorrectly enabled in the new Reddit subforum. It has since been disabled.
Rule 4.2 for buyers in the marketplace has been changed back to the original rule of just having to state you received a review copy.

We've further clarified what constitutes as a true JV in the joint venture section rules. Real life examples of what is not a JV have also been provided.

If you're offering a related affiliate program for an already-approved service, you do not need to create a separate sales thread for this. Bear in mind that it may still benefit exposure to the affiliate program if you do create a separate sales thread as people tend to look for affiliate programs under the Affiliate Programs section of the marketplace.

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Section 6.2 was added to the marketplace rules to clarify that we do allow review cancellations as long as a cancellation reason is provided.

We've made a change so that if a Jr. VIP or Marketplace seller has let their membership lapse and their marketplace threads are closed once they renew their membership, their sales threads will re-open automatically within an hour of their payment clearing.
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1. Rule 14 for the freebies section has been added in to clarify that anything that needs to be downloaded via the conversations feature needs to first be uploaded to an approved file sharing website.

2. New newbie guide on creating folders for those of you with Jr. VIP or premium membership.

3. This newbie guide on advertising your marketplace thread has been updated to be in line with the current thread bumping rules.
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New rule under Chapter 1, Section, Rule 3, Point 3 of the marketplace rules.

"Free" cannot be included in your sales threads if it's conditional. For example, if you're including a "Free" e-book with any purchase, it's not free. Use "bonus" instead.

Update to the signature module ensuring that the signature rules are followed. A signature will only appear once per user per thread. Ref.
For clarity, as I've received a few pm's on this. Signatures are not a replacement for Ad's, they have different rules and are displayed very differently for example only once per thread in certain sub-forms and signed in members can choose to ignore them. If you'd like the full ad experience you should visit the advertise section at the top of every page to see our range of advertising options. A signature never has and never will be a replacement for ads.
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