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    This deal applies to anyone interested in working in a profit sharing arrangement with an online casino.

    You will make 50%. LIVE stats are viewable 24/7 (you see everything as it happens, no batch updates to stats). You make 50% of deposits - withdrawals - chargebacks/fees at the end of the month. No need to wait for players to lose the money.

    How do we expect you to send traffic? Considering the location of this post we obviously don't care how the traffic is generated but we will not have our site blacklisted by google. Outside of that, everything goes including bulk email.

    This should be especially interesting to anyone with access to casino lists from any casino.

    You can mail the lists yourself or we can do it for you using our servers which are PRE-WHITELISTED to deliver to inbox with Yahoo, Hotmail & AOL and get pretty good inbox delivery with gmail too. If you want us to mail the data please remember that we will inspect the data carefully. We pay a HEAVY per email fee for this whitelisting service and will only mail confirmed fresh data through it and can smell a scam a mile away.

    PM me your offers. This deal has been open to a select few acquaintances until now but with additional mailing capacity for this summer we are ready to take on all *CREDIBLE* comers.

    Can't reply to PMs so provide an email. Don't have 15 posts yet. No link is publically provided because "casino watchdog" sites actively monitor this forum for casinos looking for "black hat" services and then blacklist them!
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    i like send bulk emails.