online casino

  1. kevincrashout


    It's my first post here on BHW, trying to learn more about the forum. I own an online casino and have a lot of experience in the iGaming niche. Recently, has been a lot of hype in this market and I can see many people in doubt if they should invest in it and start running an Online Casino, after...
  2. F

    Bing Keywords Getting Disapproved

    Hi everyone, I have a Bing ads account in Gambling sphere, and it has been working for some time. But there is a problem that the keywords are getting disapproved constantly with online gambling, though the account works. Everytime I remove the keywords, and add them again. Usually there is...
  3. C

    Looking for casino/sports betting traffic!

    Hey guys! Looking for casino and sports betting traffic :) We accept many different geos and traffic sources & we work on CPA, RS and Hybrid models. DM me for more details
  4. G

    Looking for Online Casino Traffic

    Hi, we have Online Casinos and looking for the best Traffic from France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland.
  5. X


    Hi! I need help for those fb/google ads experts. I need to market our new online casino app, so if u offer services like this, please please dm me on telegram @marj1313 SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY THAT ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. S

    Need Adwords Services

    Hello, i'm looking for someone to run google ads for me. Niche : online gambling Geo : Indonesia You need to have experience to run this kind of ads, you have to provide google ads account and refill services. Looking for long term services, please pm me your experience and charges. Thanks!
  7. A

    Hiring PPC specialist for igaming.

    Hello, we are doing BH campaigns for igaming affiliate for several geos(Australia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Finland etc.). We have many warmed up accounts and active campaigns. We are looking for PPC specialist for manage campaigns and optimization. Applicants must...
  8. seo_alexa002

    How to Get Online Casino License?

    How to Get Online Casino License? From Which Country to Register ? So that can Operate in Many Countries I heard Such Licensed Can Casino Run G Ads Easily
  9. Rosemah777

    Promoting Online Casino on Facebook

    Hi. We're planning to run Online Casino Ads on Facebook and YouTube but when we published ads, in less than 24 hrs our ads got blocked and the account got restricted from running ads. Upon checking with Facebook, you need to comply with the RMG Application form and comply with policies. We have...
  10. V

    SEO for Online Casino: White Hat Digital Marketer with a Bunch of Stupid Questions

    Hello all, I've been lurking around the platform reading through some insights from you industry experts. Months ago I was brought as a consultant for an online casino for the Asian market. We are pretty much doing a lot of leg work and as I understand it's a pretty competitive niche. Lots of...
  11. 4

    Online casino cryptocurrency payment gateway software?

    I don't know if this is the correct forum. A friend of mine has an online casino. Now he wants to offer cryptocurrency as well. Which software or company/ gateway is good to use do this? Thanks!
  12. R

    I am looking for a pro digital marketer for my online casino business in asia market

    Hi ! I am looking for a pro digital marketer for my online casino business in asia market (Mainly Malaysia). For those anyone who has experience for helping online casino industry doing SEO and Ads please comment below . I will pay you with reasonable price if u able to do something .
  13. G

    Online Casino seeking to do Google Ads in Malaysia

    Hi there, I am seeking online marketers/companies that are able to Google Ads for an online casino that is based in Malaysia. Competitive packages and payouts are available for you! Drop me a PM, and let's talk business. Thank you.
  14. T

    Looking for a digital marketer in online casino industry.

    Hi all, I am looking for a digital marketer in online casino industry, preferably, Someone who already has some track records in online casino, MLM, money game Someone who can promote at China side (baidu search, etc) Please message me if you are interested and able to provide some past...
  15. Tracy Liew

    Hi Everyone Im New Here

    Im Tracy a newbie digital marketer mainly based on online gambling websites, which is illegal at some country I advertise. Want to learn new skills and knowledge in the blackhat way of marketing, it will help me a lot in my field. This platform is absolutely the right place for me to learn from...
  16. T

    Online Casino Payment Gateway Processor (Medium / Highrisk Merchants) Visa Master Unionpay JCB alipay wechatpay The best product of all LOCAL BANK TRANSFER Of these countries China , Indonesia , Thailand , Malaysia ,Vietnam , Australia , Turkey , South Korea, Japan , Nigeria, South Africa Myanmar India
  17. R

    Need advices on ranking an online casino

    ---- snip ----
  18. L

    Looking to promote online Casino Singapore and Indonesia

    Hi, Let's connect Well, i am looking for some stable ways to get pay users from Singapore and Indonesia. long-term and stability Lemme know I am open to discussions!
  19. Theerameth

    How do I linkbuild for a Thailand online casino aff site?

    I would like to build links for my Thai sites but it seems hard. I am half-British and half-Thai, but I don't know how to speak and write Thai. I got this site by collaborating with my Thai friends here who started the site. They no longer are interested so I started to manage it. I want to...
  20. wastedpanda

    Hey all, now im here

    Hello, I am trying to get into casino affiliate sector, and i would be happy if someone could give me some pointers in any aspect of it. ps. atm struggling to get traffic to my site.
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