[Case Study] Ranking a parasite for a high KD & high traffic keyword by reverse engineering Google algorithm

Pavan Teja 1

Feb 28, 2019
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Thanks for this valuable thread. Can anyone confirm still it works or not?
Yes. It still works. But Google has made a lot of changes and we need some improvements to rank. For example, Google sites with all pages in a single niche are preferred over those with random posts. The indexing became a nightmare as they are delaying everything (duplicate content, short content, external links, affiliate content etc.). However, I can still index them within 3-4 days without using any indexers. If it takes longer than that, then the content has some red flags (or is considered a doorway page).

I haven't checked their current ranking factors but it's definitely not much different. They have only made a few changes to control the abuse but it's the same algo and same concepts. I have recently ranked a site within a week using the same strategy but it was reported. Google Sites are easy to take down which makes them vulnerable. I'm studying entities to understand NLP algo of Google but none of the keyword research tools offer entity research. Moreover, I couldn't spend much time in SEO due to other commitments.

This strategy still works but you can't just post spun content and rank. Write your own content which covers most topics.


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Feb 7, 2012
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made 4k with a single google site before seeing this thread , did mostly the same... i have GSA since forever and scrapebox for 10 years now.. very useful tools, but you don't need them for this.
Congrats! Good work bro!

Can I ask what u do to earn that much? CPA or affiliate marketing??