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    do not even try to promote or work with this program specially to a guy name Evgen Danilchenko. First I try to ask if they accept chat tra ffic and he said " YES " So I decide to work with him even I didn't know anything regarding on their program but since " IGOR " from huge traffic refer him I trust him. He added me in s k y p e few months ago. I ask few details regarding on their program and also who is the owner but he refused to answer my question when I ask who is the owner instead he said " you can discuss all details with me
    regarding c a m o f f e r
    do you have team of PH chatters? " offer converts great on PPS compared to other cams;)
    trust me " I request him exclusive offers since I have office and a lots of affiliates but he cannot provide it. I start to promote thier program from the period of Jun 1, 2017 to Jun 15, 2017 with two affiliates only to test if they are paying and we generate 63 sales after that period I receive my payout on 24th. Then we still continue from Jun 16, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017 because he said he need to check the quality of sales so we are promoting 1 months already and he still did not check if the quality is good or bad. Few days ago he decrease our PPS due to low quality of traffic as he said then keep decreasing, We made 54 on that period and he didnt told me to stop since the quality is low instead he keep us selling after that period I still receive my payout but as usual he did not tell me to "STOP"
    I talk to my partner if we still continue this or not since we are paying for s o f t w a r e and we do not earn anything because I pay my aff with high rates and I cut just a few dollars. Few weeks ago before I decide just to stop because I do not earn anything and I told him we just finished the period of Jul 1, 2017 to Jul 16, 2017 then we stop because we are not earning since we have 8 days capped sales each day and we pay for software. But again he did not tell me to stop just that 8 sales capped and low PPS! From the period of Jul 1, 2017 to Jul 16, 2017 we generate 171 sales then at the end of period I ask my 2 aff to stop since I am not earning then they stop selling after the end of period. July 24th I expect of payment because this is the schedule of payout but when I check my pxumI receive nothing I ignored it maybe delayed or there is a holiday,But Today I receive an e m a i l which is saying that my account is t er m in at ed. ! After payout period you banned my account ?? Seriously ??
    I got message from him in s k y p e "hi guys
    i have bad news for you my boss banned your account because your traffic caused us huge problems you has too high fraud % - 30%
    means 30% of your payments have been refunded or made chargebacks" WHAT????? I am working with 5 diff program without any problem and it is my first time to have an issue with this program. I read their TOS and I do not see anything that after account is banned we do not get any payment and it is unfair for me because I already pay my affiliates since I know that all of my program I work is good and doesnt have any problem. Lets says it is true that 30% is chargeback so where is the 70%? Don't tell me that you pay for it for the bank. I am not an idiot ! Your such a scumbag and full of shit ! if you noticed that our sales is low quality much better to tell us to stop than to keep up selling . Sorry for my english. my partner and I decide to file a case with their company it is possible ?


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