1. beatrix_filerice

    How much money do you earn from PPD method?

    Many people have earned the first $100 quite unexpectedly when sharing their files on a movie download channel. The number of downloads, file size and traffic source are the 3 most important factors to determine how much money you make from PPD. Do you have any experience with PPD? Please share
  2. oni3350

    [STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO COURSE] How Super Affiliates Are Absolutely Crushing It Promoting CPA Offers On Paid Adult Traffic Sources

  3. DrCoomer

    [Journey] FAIL porn re-upload and crakrevenue

    Hello, somewhat longtime lurker here and I want to share my epic fail journey. So I have read adrians guide many times how porn upload works and how to make money with it and decided to give it a try. You can use my journey as a guide on what NOT TO DO lol. The Website: So at first I created a...
  4. Sunmoluvic

    Question about Crakrevenue smartlink

    Hello guys Ive been wondering if Crakrevenue smartlink also converts when someone pays through your link What I mean is that I've only seen the smartlink convert for PPL in my account, so I'm want to confirm if it also converts for PPS
  5. beastkay

    When PPL is PPS a sudden HIKE in monetary graph!

    I'm doing adult ppl from long time and I will not say I've earned a lot but I've for sure learned a lot. Using free traffic and making things work is one of the difficult tasks but when it gives you fruit you loves it a lot and this is what I'm going to talk about today. You might have seen...
  6. V

    Affiliate program which focuses on Pay Per Lead / Pay per Sign up

    Hi, last year I worked with MediaKlonDike but unfortunately the site starts to die, you know similar sites that pay well? Thanks
  7. F

    Best network for adult PPS Free Trial CHAT traffic ....

    Hi guys , So I am looking to start pushing PPS offers to my adult CHAT traffic but thought I would ask advice on the best programs currently . Obviously I would like to avoid being shaved and need a network that is stable , reliable , and good for long term PPS Free Trial submits .... Thanks...
  8. H

    SMS Traffics

    I have huge sms (dating) traffics from pof, where i can monetize it? any suggestion to find a high converting PPS offers who will take this traffics.
  9. Veloncia

    Adult site journey to $100 a day

    This isn't my first journey thread. It's safe to say I failed my first one, for the same reason that I think a lot of people fail their's: they give up early or switch to another idea. I have so many half-assed projects that could have made it, but I quite halfway to try something else. This...
  10. Savvy Rose


    Other than adult video uploading what other ways we can promote these offers and right now I just want to focus on PPS offers. **NO SMARTLINK**
  11. alice252293


    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good PPS offer, anyone here had experience with them? thanks.
  12. alice252293

    Please read !!! WHAT'S THE BEST PPS OFFER

    I've been promoting chaturbate (revshare) for over a month. I'm quite success with it. Now I'm looking for a good PPS offer. Anyone know?
  13. Tenebra23

    One last thing

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help. So, I got my squeeze page linked with an autoresponder. I also set some emails that will be sent: mail 1: the thank you mail + free gift (it's a course via mail) mail 2: another part of the course + free gift mail 3: same mail 4: same mail 5: same + a...
  14. D

    Looking for adult/dating emailers, make $$$

    Hello. I'm new on here but a lot of you know me, I just have to stay on the low so I'm Derrick.. :) Basically I'm looking for people who do mailers, especially with adult or dating traffic. I'm at a company and want BH emailers with list of 100,000+ for PPS campaigns (PPL and rev are also...
  15. hfinfo

    Looking for cam sites which accept chat traffic for pps offers

    Hi guys I'm looking for a pps offers of cams sites which accept chat traffic . We have experience of doing pps for around 5 years . Anyone who have legit pps offer for cam site can contact to me on skype: [email protected]
  16. Jorayn salamera


    do not even try to promote or work with this program specially to a guy name Evgen Danilchenko. First I try to ask if they accept chat tra ffic and he said " YES " So I decide to work with him even I didn't know anything regarding on their program but since " IGOR " from huge traffic refer him I...
  17. gentishady

    Crakrevenue custom landing page question !

    Hi all , There's an offer CPA/ROI ( pay per sign-up ) for free cams , but when I take that offer to redirect through my domain it goes to their cams homepage so viewers can see camgirls without registering and the traffic doesn't convert well.Is it possible to create a custom landing sign-up...
  18. N

    How to choose PPL offers from Crack Revenue?

    Hello everyone. I need a help. I just created an account on Crack Revenue. I choose PPL and PPS offers. Buw after approving my account i can't see PPL offers. There are just PPS ans PPA offers. How can i get PPL offers which will give me $2 / $3 per free signup? Please help me with the information.
  19. 2colt5

    Vice Offers

    Does anyone use them? do they payout on time? I was just wondering what you guys thought of them thanks for any input.
  20. ByOffersCPA

    ByOffers.com – monetize EDU traffic into BIG money!

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