Building a Brand Name - Will this work? - Advice needed please


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Apr 3, 2019
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Hi - trying to create / build a brand name on existing aged (8yrs) eCommerce site selling products - domain is currently an EMD - site ranks reasonably well but I feel it is time to define a brand name.

So I am looking for as much advice as I can get :)

Will this work / help to have Google recognize the 'brand' and hopefully include it in 'related searches' at the bottom of search pages?;

1. change domain name to 'brand name' - maintaining product name and including brand (e.g. brandWindowCleaner ... dotcom)
2. modify product meta titles to include brand name
3. modify internal anchor links to include brand
4. obtain external links with brand in anchor
5. include brand in Structured Data Markup
6. generally include brand name in association with product name in text wherever practical
7. promote brand via social media accounts

Any strategies advice will be very much appreciated.