1. M

    Experience standing out with .me domain ?

    there are enough successful starter entrepreneurs who today have many followers on social media or a large email list, have opted for personal branding with their own name also and especially with a me domain. the me domain stands for the country Montenegro but has become famous in the english...
  2. S

    Is there any registrar or domain who ignore trademark or Intellectual Property Infringement

    Is there any registrar or domain provider who ignore trademark or Intellectual Property Infringement
  3. Bigray

    What Are Some Brandable Niche Blogging?

    i need a niche that i can be getting returning visitors so won't worry about seo after couple of months years blogging. users will have to search my domain name on google or type it directly on their browser. how do i archive this? either business, product or content blog will be okay
  4. seo_alexa002

    From Where to Get Investor for My New Brand?

    In India From Where to Get Investor for My New Brand? Other then Shark Tank India as they give less valuation
  5. LeviAckkerman

    I need your opinion on this ASAP! BRAND business!/2022

    Hiiiii, I'll be quick --- What do you think about starting an embroidery business, more exactly, starting a clothing BRAND in 2022? Budget: 3k EUR, I'll use influencers to promote this business. Also other questions: 1. Should I use an aged IG/Tik Tok profile or should I build a brand new...
  6. N1ckG2

    ➤➤➤ 15 Year Old SEO Domain for SALE! ➤➤➤ Start Your SEO Agency with a Bang! ✔️✔️

    Rare to find, maybe the best SEO domain for your agency. 15-year old premium domain name for sale. Super Easy to Remember. Short and Relevant. Brandable. Possible uses: SEO Agency. SEO Services. Digital Marketing. SaaS. Freelancers. SEO & Digital Marketing Company Name. Why this domain name...
  7. Nancy224

    What Are Some Ideas To Make Your Brand More Popular In The Market?

    The field of electronic is a kind of field that is not only lucrative, but I must say that electronic products and this industry is actually work trillions of dollars in the market. There are many popular electronic brands in the market such as SamSung, LG, Phillips, Toshiba, etc. these are some...
  8. V

    edit story views

    can someone edit story views count of my client? I'm ready to pay she needs to show it to her brand and it's super urgent
  9. robin222

    How can e-commerce sites expand brand search volume

    I run a new e-commerce website. I see that the brand search volume of some of my moderate competitors' websites can reach more than 2000. (With the help of ahrefs) I would like to ask how my new e-commerce website should improve brand awareness? Need to rely on a Guest Post Blog? Or send...
  10. Autistic Tactics

    Scaling my brand beyond a Youtube page

    I currently have a business that makes me between 100 and 200$ a month, it's hard to say since I started selling Beats Mid - November and I haven't been consistent since my first month where I made 200$. All my traffic for my landing page (hosted by Beatstars, the industry standard for selling...
  11. voxoto

    Which name sounds better?

    Which name do you remember better, sounds better and sounds more like a professional social media company? Thanks for your help
  12. Queen Heidi

    What's your favorite brand in accessories ?

    Title .
  13. Max Kirschner

    How would you make a good income without giving up your privacy and identity?

    What I mean by this is quite simple: anyone who talks about establishing their own brand also talks about representing their brand personally. So you should reveal your identity, present yourself on the internet, even if you risk being associated with it on the street in public. Most people who...
  14. E

    Has anyone here used services that connect brands and influencers to make money?

    Have any of you promoted your stores/brands using something like Takumi or HeyInfluencer, or other similar services? Or used these services to connect with brands to make some money off of a following? I feel like these services are targeted more towards bigger brands, and even though they...
  15. cosmo89

    [GET] List of Popular Instagram Hashtags To Use Everyday

    Hashtags are very important to reach more audience in social. And here's the list of popular Instagram Hashtags that you can use for every day of the week (#1 from each list is the most popular one). Monday Hashtags 1. #mondaymotivation 2. #mondaymood 3. #mondaymorning 4...
  16. D

    My Journey to Creating a Brand on Instagram

    Welcome to my journey: This is my first post on this website, so please bear with me if the format is terrible I am going to try my best to keep this first post kind of short. My goal is to create a large following on Instagram and then monetize it in various ways (Not to be shared at the...
  17. Mirkogiovannetti

    Marketing Books for building a brand!

    Do you know any good books to study in order to understand in depth the fundamental principles of marketing and to build a brand?
  18. janer2019

    Case Study: EMD That Made Me $40,000

    Case study of How I found a keyword that was essentially a typo error with massive volume. Built over a fresh domain name that only had numbers in it. ;) We recently sold the same website via FE-International. Attached is the screenshot of escrow sold transaction summary. Let’s dig in now...
  19. addictedtolearning

    Journey To $2,500,000 By Building Two Brands And Trading

    Hey everyone! :) So, I recently started a thread about $50,000 by the end of the year using multiple methods (pod, affiliate sales, Youtube, etc). There was absolutely nothing wrong with this journey, but after I had a long meeting with my partner (we hadn't spoken in a while because life has...
  20. knopper

    How much is this domain worth?

    Got a domain name with these stats from auctions. 20 Years old name with 40+ ref domains. I'll disclose the amount I paid after some comments. Here are the stats.
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