brand awareness

  1. adflex

    The Mythical Chevy Nova Marketing Lesson - What does it tell us?

    Recently I came across this story about Chevy Nova cars and how they faced a global marketing challenge when targeted at Spanish speaking countries because Nova means “No Go” in Spanish. What was interesting was the fact that the story was a myth that never occurred - so why did the story get...
  2. bhanuw

    Help for Spice Business Brand Name

    Guys I'm from Srilanka. just give me advice for creating a good brand name. will be really grateful..I'm planing to target Europe and the USA.I won't sell real Ceylon spices.You know guys Srilankan spices are the best. help fr create a good brand name. just tips thank you
  3. MicroBit-OMS

    Changing brands after the first lockdown.

    After the first lockdown, did you change your brands so you're not f**ked this time around? What's going in your mind about the upcoming second lockdown?
  4. J

    Become a Brand Name

    Who are you? The chances are I’ve never heard of you, don’t care what your site is about and let’s be honest, the vast majority on the planet don’t either. Do you know the Towers in America? No? OK, I’ll rephrase that. Have you heard of Trump Towers? Again, how about Roger Eaton, you must have...
  5. shags38

    Trying to Understand 'BRAND' marketing for eCommerce - How to Create a Brand?

    It is likely pretty simple but before diving in the deep end I need to get some advice / opinions from experienced SEO's on how best to 'create a brand' for eCommerce product line. I have an existing EMD that performs OK 'ish but want to go the direction of branding. Most articles I can find...
  6. shags38

    Building a Brand Name - Will this work? - Advice needed please

    Hi - trying to create / build a brand name on existing aged (8yrs) eCommerce site selling products - domain is currently an EMD - site ranks reasonably well but I feel it is time to define a brand name. So I am looking for as much advice as I can get :) Will this work / help to have Google...
  7. D


    We are going to start seeing a new trend in the .app domain space. Finding a quality name in the .com arena is getting a bit out of hand with people expecting lottery payouts for the most random string of words or characters. Names with .com I would have dismissed nearly a year ago are now...
  8. Salman Saleem

    Convert my website into brand

    I want to make my website a brand and get the website mentioned in forbes or mashable or any renowned news publication. Any help would be highly appreciated ! Let me know the steps i needs to take. Currently my website is offering hosting product and has customers on board and operating from 2...
  9. Danny Crypto

    Buying more domains of same brand name is beneficial?

    Hey, Is it still beneficial to have lot of domains which are redirecting to one website For an example :- xyz is my brand and I have so should I buy,, and other extensions. Is it beneficial for my .com for more online presence? Let me know what you guys think...