oversaturation, bad press, big entities keeping price low so they can get in, BTC will continue to hover around the current price for most this year, come fall we may see a spike. Bitcoin has always been a HODL investment.
About 10 bob by the end of next week.
My thoughts are to close this tab and forget this section exists.

Incoming 'feeling' on the future price:

got another one:

ohhh. got another one:

this is it. just got another one:
on 30 June it will be at $0.003

I know this from a very smart trader that told me secret: every market has a cycle.
So I guess it will go back to 0.003 than to 0... eventually.

Then we will get back to the good old 'seo is dead' threads.

Edit: shouldn't this be on lounge section?
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