bitcoin price

  1. seo_alexa002

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days??

    Will Bitcoin Hit $25k in Next 15 Days?? What you Think Guys?
  2. Email Seller

    BTC will be Crossed 12000$ Recently?

    Do you know BTC will be Crossed 12000$ Recently? I mean within 1/2 month. And Will the US election have any impact? what do you think.
  3. 247VCC

    Bitcoin price 5k$$!!!!!!

    I created post November 2019 on blackhatworld bitcoin price going down 5k$ 2020 and now that happened Here is proof
  4. 247VCC

    Coinbase Holds a Whopping 966,230 Bitcoin ($7B) in Cold Wallet

    According to recent reports, Coinbase has a whopping 966,230 Bitcoin in its cold wallet. The exchange is increasingly becoming like a ‘bank’ which stores a growing number of deposited cryptocurrency assets. How much cryptocurrency does each exchange hold in its cold wallet? With Coinbase...
  5. 247VCC

    Bitcoin Price May Hit $5.5K in 2020

    Bitcoin (Btc)could spend months trading at $5,500 before it recovers, one of the best-known analysts in the industry has warned. In a tweet on Nov. 21, Peter Brandt revealed his target for Bitcoin price was a floor of $5,500. Negative pressure had engulfed markets on the day, sending BTC/USD...
  6. thevideoguy

    All Crypto's Exploded, Bitcoin Up 30% In 24 Hours!

    Cryptocurrency prices have exploded over the past 12 hours, with Bitcoin being up 30% for the day (briefly crossing the $10,000 mark). Lots of speculation on what caused this fast climb, but I found this. According to Forbes: "When the bitcoin price recovered a couple of hundred dollars per...
  7. 247VCC

    Bitcoin price keep rushing.......

    I see from yesterday bitcoin price keep rushing Now its 8k I think its can be down again 5k usd
  8. partyush

    Bitcoin price gained $1,000 in less than an hour, Experts revealed the reason behind.

    Bitcoin experiences the biggest 1 hr volume in BTC history Yesterday, the bitcoin price registered a huge gain of $1,000 in just an hour. From $6,800, the prices got up to $7,800 for the first time in about two weeks. The crypto enthusiasts are surely elated, hoping that this might signal the...
  9. PersianGuulf


    What are your thoughts guys ?!
  10. misantrope

    Best time to Buy BTC?

    With segwit2 cancel, BTC is going down for some time. What are you predictions on when will it "bottom" so we can cash in?
  11. T

    RILCOIN:Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) ICO Pre-sale starts 1st Nov

    RILCOIN Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) with benefits of Fiat currency Ril-Token(RTK) Distribution The Concept The Central idea is to provide a platform designed purely for everyone, regardless of geographical barriers and present a digital currency affordable & usable by...
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