Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.

@ Beager

Who on here has said anything good about this software? I have read many, many reviews and not one has been good. I would pass on this. What are you talking about only one is $157 a month.

I think he was referring to Link Farm Evolution when he said that.
All the negative comments posted already are correct.

Cancelled after 3 days.

SEnuke is miles ahead. If SEnuke could get some Angelas/Linking Loophole type stuff in there he could charge $250 a month for it and it would still be worth it.

At this point EVO is just too buggy to even consider it.

Phom e
Peter Drews' software is always rammed full of bugs. He takes the Microsoft model of releasing software when 50% ready and letting paying customers test the rest and runs with it.

I tried the original Brute Force SEO and it was the same. And his response was always, "hey its still good even with 40% of it doing what it should". Talk about missing the point..

I think he believes the hype in his own badly written emails.

SeNuke every time for me...great software, regular updates, helpful owner and better coders.

Simple as that.
$997 for 2 years is $42.00 per month.

why doesn't drew just sell this bug for $42.00
per month.
that $997 for 2 years is very telling.
revealing indeed.
WHAT fool would pay $157.00 per month when he offers it $997 for 2 years

A fool who stopped long enough to consider the product may not even be around for one year, let alone two, and may even be useless after month 3.
At this point the software is buggy as well. But that is normal for must of the startups. It's success depends on how fast will the problems get corrected.

On the other hand they have a big + from me for the cool presentation video :D
Not watching the video, not even getting caught up in this thread, just dropping a line to tell my fellow BHW members not to enter the new year 2010 with false hopes and desires. To me any product that doesn't have above average customer service is not worth a monthly fee.

Then secondly if they aren't constant updates to the program, you can expect it not to work whenever the world wide webs updates itself. (weekly)

None of us were born last night, do not allow a video to coherse you into buying a product, don't believe everything you ears and eyes reveal to you.
@ Beager

Who on here has said anything good about this software? I have read many, many reviews and not one has been good. I would pass on this. What are you talking about only one is $157 a month.

I am not talking about this software, I am talking about Link Farm Evolution
I was wondering how it compares to Brute Force SEO EVO2.
I read in the Link Farm Evolution post they are saying it is good software
Also I have SEnuke, and it is great I just wanted to know what one is better cause Link Farm Evolution is a 1 time payment of $297, and has no monthly fee.
Okay so I was getting ready to chill on Peter Drew's Evo2. I was comfortable with the fact that the software just did not work. I was okay with that. It comes with trying out products , some work.....some don't. I was okay. Then tonight about 3:00 am EST US.
I started seeing a whole lot of ads in various forums I frequent. 120 by 600 EVO2 sidebar ads, and then I thought damn, affiliates are gonna go for it after all, and commence to raking in the last minute dough from newbies who will see the EVO2 cartoon. Newbies who will see the blogs and other various internet Paraphernalia, and as a result, buy the program. So curiosity heightened within me,at this point because I was planning on doing a neg site called "stay away from brute force evo2". Now I was going to do this pretty large with about 10 of my friends and we all have pretty high power submitters and over 21 k accounts so we would have been right there on the front page with PETER DREWS home site neck and neck. Now I know PETE thinks he can push competitors to the 2nd and 3rd page but not us! WHEN WE COME THROUGH WE COME THROUGH AND WE STAY. For we will be seen and heard in our efforts to expose a fraud product. It's times like this that you wish the internet was more policed, only against fraud bullshit ass products. But then you take it back because to much police just make the internet more miserable for both you and me.
So anyway,My friends are ready to do this. But I halted one last moment. Another
I halted,even though they will proceed, and I just wanted to make sure that this product was a dudd one last time,before we commenced.

So,I opened it up, and the program alerted me that there was and update.

OHHHHHHH GOODIE,OHHHHHHH GOODIE!!!!!!! I THOUGHT, Peter Drew may have fixed the problem (which is entire software-wide in his case.) Pete may have fixed the problem that he didn't notice in his rush to put the software out so damn fast.
So in an urge I rushed to uninstall the first copy (by way of Revo uninstaller)and proceed in installing the new copy.
Revo uninstaller works great for ridding the bug. Sort of like a can of Off outdoor spray.

So I crossed my fingers in hopes that Drew, had caught his vicious mistake and redeemed himself. I clicked on the little EVO2 half head software desktop icon and the program still started up with the " frustrating and Non-Indicating, now loading browser" and after 30 seconds or so, it came on.
I like the interface, it's sharp and clean looking, don't you think guys?
Not $157.00 per month price tag sharp, but sharp.
First, I set up the main account name and all the little wizard required of me to do and second, I hit(you guessed it)create an email account.

Now I should tell you that I was super hesitant that this little evo2 character could go up against the "MIGHTY MIGHTY MIGHTY GMAIL." I didn't want to make it go up against such a Bot-Predator like the big "G" so fast.
but by this time it was already running off to gmail's house with it's little basket off to (grandma's house-G'MAS house).

Now of course it wanted to follow it's older peer that it admires "SEnuke".(well I wouldn't go so far to say, peer). Let's say, follow the older, more agile, more experienced guy in the neighborhood, that it wants to be like, that they call Senuke.

Of course it tried to follow Senukes path and take a short cut through the woods to G"MAS" house by way of yoobytooby st.
well in this update, it went that path and then
did something very strange. It put in this email address
Do you see the Last part?
What is that I Asked.
ymailcom, Strange?
Then the captcha box rose and started counting down, then after 10 seconds, the captcha box said "Enter Manually".
I quote Peter Drew in his videos saying this below:
I'll generate a name, generate a password.That one, that one looks fine. I'll generate an account name.
looks great I'll generate a password. Now by clicking on this button. It will automatically create a GMAIL account or Yahoo account.
It's really as simple as that. It will automatically go and create all of them. Solve the captchas for you. Once you HAVE done that you go and click on save. And I will show you the results here.
Well anyway back to the story,

yoobytooby st. said no no no! that's not a real email address and shot this ymail (ymailcom)thing down instantly.
So I exited out of this browser, and yahoo came up in another browser instantly. I said okay Evo2 is not going to be stopped in his efforts to make a email account. COOOLLLLLLLLL!
But do you know what?
In exactly 10 seconds yahoo timed out and asked me to enter the captchas manually.
This Software does not perform as advertised.
If you take the free trial: See what your experience is.
Peter Drew has been online almost 20 years and he is probably a millionaire by now, many times over or at least close to it. He missed this minor flaw that the masses are experiencing with the software. He will have to do some massive work to get this product up to speed.

Don't be mad at Peter Drew Because he has tried.
He could probably hire
Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa SEnuke creators, and he may have to, or maybe not.
He has learn to sell sizzle which every great marketer should learn. His Joint Venture partners are many people I admire. And He is Cool.
This software has a clean interface and looks nice. As I said before earlier in this thread.
Brute force part one was okay except it did not have the ability to create web 2 site accounts other that 4 to 5 blog sites. You had to plug your info (username and password)into the fields to post to the various sites in it's database. Wordpress would many times rip down blogs created by this software at an alarming rate. It was not a fully independent software. Meanining it could not make accounts at the various sites it would post to and as a result you had to do this manually. EVO2 can make accounts but can not make an email address smoothly yet. Especially not at ("G"MAS house or Gmail)You Have to carry it like a little baby, or puppet. Like a little metal pinnochio through the woods. Gmail is becoming more vicious when making accounts and soon will need your birth certificate if you want to play on their porch. Operation Multiple Acounts AT GMAIL is bye bye!( with inferior software that is)
I will not be mean because I feel that if Drew takes this project back and forms it into what it is supposed to be which is an unstoppable, contant working bot that frees up the masses of people from seo work and the darkness that he depicts in his cartoon, then EVO2 could not be touched.

See then this product will be worth charging $42.00 per month and everyone would probably have it installed on their computers. I would, and you probably would too.
My advice to Drew (even though he probably has workers and people to pay,which is why he had to release this thing in a rush) I would advise him to just take it back and work on it until it rivals senuke, link farm evo, and xrumer.
2.The twitter smack-down: TWIT is very buggy. It does not hunt followers as he claims and does not put them as your followers. It runs all day and adds 20 to 30 people. Definitely not over 100 in my experience. I reccommend that it is not worth the price.
High page rank alone is good folks
it's okay..
keyword generator alone is okay...
it will lock down your computer however, so use it to hunt words on a backup computer if you plan on needing to do a lot of other projects on the front end.
Rss blaster: works pretty smooth
D.A.R.E. is an unrivaled code injecter to make articles seem unique in the eyes of "G Ma's house"
it works.
So some of his products are cool.
I should tell you that
MY main female employee subscribed to the whole Brute Force SEO suite and we all (that's 41 of us )reviewed all of the various components that make up brute force.
So I would say that 2-4 single products separate from the full brute force suite work okay.
1.High Page (linking Loop)
2.Brut Key Word
3.Rss blaster
4. If sold Alone D.A.R.E. is good
so in closing I say

Don't, I Repeat, I Repeat,
But F it, you are going to get curious. Try it!
But you will soon see the sense in this little wordplay.

Don't get EVO (Evo installer)
GET REVO!!!!! (Revo uninstaller)
TO UNINSTALL this thing from your computer when it does not work.

Until then,
holla at ya amigo.
Edmundo your posts are crazy. Why do you spend so long writing stuff about pete and his products?

Everybody knows his track record is shocking and this program will go the way of all of his other apps and that is it will fall flat on its face and the only people paying for it will be the people that have no idea about other products.
Time taken to submit two URL's start to finish 5 Hours
Just about says it all really.

Agree with the negative comments in this thread:

  • Does not do what it says in the tin.
  • Slow & buggy.
  • Poor customer support.
I also cancelled after 3 days. If you're serious about link building, then this sure as heck ain't the right tool.
I signed up for trial yesterday.
Did one campain for my new blog,and what really amazed me is that it does everything itself.
Really awsome piece of software.
ok, I guess this is not better then SEnuke The next thing how does SEnuke compare to Link Farm Evolution, cause I think I going to go with that one
Anyone notice that Pete has anchor text at the bottom of all of the RSS feeds that EVO creates that lead back to his sites? lol

I couldn't help but quote this because out of this whole thread (while very interesting thanks Edmundo now of the house of no CAPS) that just blows my mind. $157 a month for a piece of adware?
Last edited:
I signed up for trial yesterday.
Did one campain for my new blog,and what really amazed me is that it does everything itself.
Really awsome piece of software.

Haha. This is quite hilarious. The only guy who says something nice about the software is banned.

Meanwhile, Peter isn't only spamming the shit out of this forum with his promotion but he's also sending daily emails that are going directly to my spam box. Anyway, I'll check back in 6 months. :)
Alright, I'm glad I gave this thing a chance (I already gave it an awful review, you can find it earlier in this thread). But anyway, here is an update:

He updated it so it no longer uses Gmail, it now creates a yahoo which doesn't ban you three seconds in. So, it successfully creates and verifies all the accounts no problem now.

HE DOES however add backlinks to his facebook page, his main site, lots of places by adding links on all the automated RSS submissions to your money page.

The main reason I'm writing this re-review though, isn't to tell you about the updates he made, but to tell you the bit of success I had using it (I'm still not going to keep it after my free trial is over though)

I've got a blog, and there was a particular blog post page that was showing up on the third page of google for a particular keyword. So I figured, what the hell, I'll put that page through this thing and see what happens.

I started from scratch, and let it create the accounts with no human intervention (I let it solve the captchas on it's own, and it does seem to solve them much faster now the he updated it). Then, I set everything up to go ahead and submit this particular blog post.

All in all, from start to finish it took about an hour and a half (maybe a bit more)...

Eight hours later (I'm not kidding guys, I'm being deadly serious) I'm first on the first page for the same keyword search!

I just figured I'd give credit where credits due. The reason I won't be keeping this after the free trial is up however, is because Google will soon enough figure out the footprint that this software leaves behind (the particular linkwheel it creates) after it gets used to death, and it will soon be worthless.
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