Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.

I signed up for the 7 day trial and can't even get the thing to run. Keep getting an windows error when I try to launch. Support did get back to me pretty quick but after two attempts to figure out what is wrong I have not heard back. I going to cancel and wait a few months to see what becomes of it.
Brute Force SEO EVO2 is very, very slow !!
60 seconds for captcha solving when it works.
I'll stop my free trial today after 1 day ...

I prefer senuke...
Anyone who has tried, please share your opinion. I was thinking of trying it out but now I think I'll wait. Senuke should be good enough. I still have the linking loophole and it's working well.
Superspy, I've always heard that this guy makes buggy products and offers crappy support. It's been a while, but I seem to remember a thread on the WF about the version I of this software and there were complaints about it not working and people not getting their refunds.
I got in on the 7 day trial and have already cancelled. Google shut down the email acct. that was created halfway thru the process. It is automated but slow.

I could manually do all of that in half the time. On day 2, after downloading the update, the software will not load. Tried to log a support ticket and the support forum would not accept the captcha, even after 10 tries with 2 different browsers. So the software still does not work and no way to get help. I tried the email that was on my receipt and welcome message and it bounced...WTF?...LMAO.

Verdict: It has potential but a loooong way to go! Not even close to the price they are asking and the customer service is not there. At least it was not for me. I have wasted way to much time with it. It is still cheaper to outsource the work. Much cheaper and frees up my time to do other money creating activities.

Just my 2 cents....
Yea I also tried this EVO 2 I thought about keeping but not worth the price tag... Also it goes to your email and clicks the verify links but i notice there are about 20 or 30 high rank profile link sites but after verifying the emails i ended up with only 5 of the 20 or so. Since it doest collect the new passwords it give you. I think I''ll also pass!!!
I think its not worth the price at the moment, but has potential, I couldn't create email accounts because verification by SMS was required on all. Also had issues with lots of the account creations.
I'm using the trial, but will stop it after the 7 days are up
I have tried submission with 5 projects. Here is my opinion about software

it looks it works quite good(I've manually checked all the links etc)
easy to use

- cost for that price I can outsource through or getafreelancer
-sometimes buggy
-quite slow

I think few things should be improved - using multithread for example we have one window to enter 20 captchas instead of being at pc for 2 or 3 hours.
This has no potential, buggy, will be used to death leaving footprints, and there is no high success rate on anything it does. You carry it through the captchas , 157.00 a month, surprised anyone would offer this as a monthly membership. And google already shutting down emails whats the point? Worthless piece of garbage. Nice video on the presell of product. Why did I put this review father peter drew made me do it.
peter drew sent a mail out today saying that he has an update for down load and that you had to uninstall the first version off your computer for the new version he sent out. I distinctly recall his video with all the hype surrounding evo2, that the software updates it'self. this is the third day I have had evo2 and I am ready to through it away because it can't make a gmail account. what is your take?

this piece of shit is useless.

i am mad because i saw xrumer cost $520.00, can't afford that shit....

evo 2 sucks.

so it's gonna have to be me and senuke
Just a little info ... since when low poster have that money?
Check out sales section, almost 90% of buyer have more than 50 post oO

and also almost every review here was from a <20 poster and joined <2 months ....

Dont trap into that shit, better is to pay a bit more for TRUSTED software (or less like @senuke etc)
EVOII is terrible. Such a damn waste of time - better go cancel that subscription before you get hit with the $157. Slow, buggy, unreliable. Senuke has got its own issues, but it is far superior and always has been. Can't wait till Senuke puts scheduling of tasks into one of its hopefully soon updates - it will take drew another year to catch up to that.

He always writes "capture" instead of "captcha" all the time for cyring out loud.
haha, I almost got the trial of this but figured "I better check on BHW first" So once again BHW saves the day. :) and... wow edmundodaves I don't know what you were trying to say but either way more people might read your posts if you stop using caps.
My Fault on the caps guys, I didn't really pay attention to that because I was typing while I was pretty mad!
Come here
to click "buy now".
Don't worry. it is just "Free for the first 7 days Then $157.00 USD for each month".
I give up to try this software due to hate installing 3.5 framework.
the download page
I was let down, with this EVO 2 watered down Senuke Version. And It's a watered down Version of Senuke (Senuke 6 updates ago) It doesn't even compare to the present.
But I see as always, they are buying ads on Blackhat world on the top and sidebar.
Trying to pick up the last dozen fools that might think, "Ohh, it must work, because forums would not let them run ads, right?"
Advertisng budgets are a mutha fucka.
And Peter drew has been ripping off affiliates for years with his little squeeze page tactic.
He has the money.
Blackhat202 above is Drew, and he figures he can buy ads to convert the masses.
Only fools would buy this software, because it does not work, even on fairly new computers. People will take the free trial and if they have not experienced any better software, then they will think it's gold and stay on for a monthly fee. This sounds like the ideal affiliate program to sell to the suckers out there and I would but drew doesn't pay you. He takes all the initial sells by way of squeeze, I think. Just my opinion, and that social account creator, ohh I mean static (still) account creator that he boast abount in videos is a complete fantasy. In my experience as well, as six other users right here in BHW, the account making process takes almost 5 hours and that's with no other programs running on my computer. The EVO2 cartoon, yes I said cartoon, is just that. Equivalent to the fantasies of Looney Toons and Disney, utter fantasy. EVO 2 DOES NOT work like that. Not at all. In fact, the only thing that works on this mashup of a traffic jam software is the little gif image of evo2 bot on the lower lefthand corner of the screen. It pecks and pecks, and pecks like a little parakeet on the bottom. It's hilarious!
LMAO. Because it does all this pecking as the sites are telling it to answer captcha so it can make an account. I guess EVO2 is ignoring the site and more turned on by pecking on the little flat keyboard. It completely ignores the site and eventually times out requesting you to fill in the captcha manually. Evo captcha solving is a joke!
I encourage everyone to take the free trial. Or the $1.00 trial when he opens back up. But he may not, just to save face on this one and the embarrasement of releasing an inferior product that can't solve captchas, and is literally scared of Google's Gmail. Scared of it! YES SCARED of it. because accounts are shut down fast as lightening. Thank god for yahoo. Or it couldn't make email accounts. Listen Peter Drew Needs a 1 800 support number but even he knows he will be bombarded litterally 24 hrs per day with this bug factor and ratio. I want to say that I think brute force seo with the little boxing gloves logo was better than this supposed next evolution thing. I guess he just wanted an excuse to tell a SCI-FI fantasy story to his customers. What bothers me more than anything is that he is pimping this product, a Willie Crawford (who I heard say, he doesn't affiliate for products he doesn't believe in) well maybe he believes in it, I guess. Peter Drew is pimping this product and all the big names who are rich as hell are pimping this big bug too. It has potential, but he needs to hire a senuke team programmer to catch him up and release it 6 months from now. No maybe a year from now. He needs more blackhat components in it, like xrumers ability to just bypass captcha, I heard. It needs senukes abilities to use proxies and just ride through account creation(when it works that is). However, BFS must be a small family of programmers on it's team because they are in such a rush to show the world what they have been working on, that they have released this way to fast. It needs to be pulled and improved. Like when you start it, why does it not even have a progress bar to show how much more time it is to finish updating it's DLL's. Like for instance promosoft has a progress bar showing how many sites have been downloaded. Step it up Peter Drew. DAMN MAN!!!!!
Okay I will say that drew has learned something about links.
And the new linking gods have services like rss aggregator directories to passively link back to themselves. They can just sit back and build power in the engines like Peter drew does with
I used it the other day and saw links back to his sites

and I gotta say. html2rss is superior as far as being able to turn urls into rss feeds.

but word of advice to Peter Drew or blackhat202.
bring back the old Brute force seo. reduce the price to $117.00 or $99.00
hell why not $50.00 per month. An I'll buy it, and so will my 2000 associates and my club. $147. $157 not worth it.
stop trying to shit people dude.
$50.00 worth it. Some would say not even that. It's too white hat. This is Blackhat world .
OKAY THIS IS DIRECTED TO PETER Drew because I know his slick ass reads these threads.
We are smarter than that my sir. Stop pimping your white hat product in here with your ads. That's just low!!! That's just low!!!That's just low!!!
You know we weren't going to let you off easy with that EVO2 bullshit you just put out.
Not here in Blackhat world.
Darken that shit up.
Ohh since you are brute force.
THEN HEY,I think it's time that you came on over to the dark side of the Force!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackhat world.
he didnt even login protect his program?

good thing i pay for senuke and didnt bother with this garbage
I have spent $19.95 to go to a comedy show from time to time, hell maybe even $39.00
to see my favorite comedian. There is nothing wrong with spending for a laugh or two.
What I'm getting at is that, if you want a good laugh.Then take the trial offer.
BUT FIRST LOOK AT Peter Drews Videos
1.Okay watch the vids above
2.get the trial (it's free, or 1 dollar) whatever
3. laugh your ass off at how drew's video lies about this BUGG MACHINE
4.You will laugh, if not play the videos back and listen closely.
now start the software up.

5.Laugh again
at evo 2 on the bottom left hand of the screen as it does no account creating

6. Make sure you cancel your trial on the 7th day or you get charged for this pice of shit.

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