Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.


Drews Paypal Affiliate program for brute force evo 2 and SE nuke. I am

going to list the things the software should improve on since I see his

signatures here in warrior forum promote his affiliate program, and

bruteforceseo dot com. Wowwww, wowww!
Wow, peter drew, the WSO KING, RIGHT? You would think that this guy

would afford his users a 1 800, 1888 number to get in contact with him for

issues with evo2 software. But he hides behind a support desk ticket

system that does not reply to even critical issues. That is of course if they

don't deem your issue important enough. I decided to sell the program after

it finally worked for me exactly 13 days ago and I had 2 people buy the

program as I usually do, to check out affiliate Masters who decide to have

programs where they claim to pay you on their own. Note: alot of legit

programs go the clickbank, Cj route, Primus,and others, because these

networks tend to function as an objective payment system when your

affiliate link is clicked. I said tend.But I noticed Peter Drew's Paypal

Affiliate program is complete crap! He claims Paypal will ping his

system when an affiliate link is clicked and a customer stays on as a full

member. I had two people that I watched order the program via my affiliate

link and Peter Drew did not pay one red cent to my paypalaccount. In my

opinion and I say my opinion. Peter Drew is a crook. Or He Just needs to

check his Automatic paypal System or needs to put the program on

clickbank or cj to afford his customers that he claims to care so much

about, an objective eye when it comes to the money. He competes with his

affiliates for sales to the highest possible degree telling customers to go to

bruteforceseo dot com,bruteforceseo dot com,bruteforceseo dot com to buy(without affiliate links) ,and then when you

luck up to make a sell around bruteforceseo dot com,. He does not pay, through

his own decision or involuntarilly because of a payment gliche in the

MATRIX. Wowwww! Why does he not just put up a page that says the

product can only be purchased from authorized EVO2 dealers. I would! I

ask,Who makes money on this product? Healthy email List Carriers, that

even have to compete with his blanketing on slaught of bruteforceseo dot com message

vip emails and bruteforceseo video branding. He tells customers to buy from

bruteforceseo dot com blatantly. Forget'' affiliates, is what he must say all the way to the bank This guy is laughable but

probably well paid. Otherwise with this so called"paypal Affiliate Program"

You will not make much money. That's if he decides to be honest and stop

stealing from his affiliates.I am not a rude woman and neither is my

husband, however, for me to not see sales that I alone have staged to see

the result, is shocking that this high profile software developer is stealing

sales. We are both Retired small business SCORE workers and we review

the massive online scams and report them often. Conclusion:Believe it or

not, play Peter Drew's paypal game if you want and I'll be the one in the

back of the room when you come back, "saying I told you so"!
Prove me wrong Peter Drew, Pay me for orders I know I know I made.

Anyway, this may save some newbie from affiliating for this product. On the

other note SEnuke pays well.
well okay that is.
number1. The software works a little (EVO2)
But it concerns me that this guy is still hiding after so many years and

does not provide a 1 800 number support line for this prone buggy software

suite with such a hefty price tag of $157.00
per month.
Ohh and yes Peter Drew Loads html2rss up with 10 to 20 multiple links
back to his main sites and many times before your sites contents are

It's smart, it's web 2.0, it's google worshipping and will get him link juice in

google,but it is also greedy as hell. GREEEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY. NO

SERVICES ARE FREE. Peter Drew gives free services, just so he can load

your free results to the rim with links back to his sites. It's Cool though.

The man is Greedy. one link back to the site. Peter Drew 20

links back. Incredible, Yet you should not take my word for it and refresh

the page for your self. Look at all those darn links back to

bruteforceseo dot com,bruteforcesocialmedia, and html2rss.....Wow!
html2rss pr2 website. There is no possible way to get link juice when he absorbs it all. But folks you don't have to use the software. You have a choice.
Joe russell, please put evo 2 to bed. Put the nail in the coffin. I am affraid

that any success this peter drew wso guy will experience is on the backs of

the many bright eyed, innocent, believing customers that just want to

believe that everybody that makes software on the internet, and gets

success, is not, and I not full of crap
Joe, and Areeb just never turn into a brute force and I will keep paying my

monthly fee. That's all I ask. Stay leading the industry. Get an 800 number.

It's about to be 2010. All the hiding needs to stop. People have problems

with these software products and need help somewhere in the world 24

hours per day. Captcha Solving needs to stay up. It should never go down

with a monthly fee involved. Peter Drew, don't even talk. Your projects are

not even worthy of $157. when you hide behind the web support ticket desk

system like a little mouse. We need support with these monthly fees. Joe

and Areeb you are still leading, and thanks for a great product 85% of the

time. Peter drew go to Truth Class, Honesty class, Trustworthy Class, Tell

the Truth Class, Ohh and "Pay your affiliates" Class. You should go back

over the Paypal results with a human eye. You gonna get yourself in hot

water Mr. WSO. Famous seven day trials with no refunds, no prompt

support, and jv manager crap. ha
This post is ment to be helpful to warriors and newbies who are not given

the truth.
Consider this, theTruth Given Today.
all this mother fucker's products are lame and buggy enough for you to stay away from him. Get rid of his products.
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I took the 7-day free trial after getting an email from Diamond Dave. Figured if it was recommended by him it MUST be good. lol. Here's my eperience of running EVO 2...

I ran it to promote a site I have that used to rank #2 on G but recently dropped to #3. I didn't watch any of Peter Drew's vids, just read the PDF.

My impression of Peter Drew after reading it - he's an intelligent guy with clever ideas, but has shit english, shit grammar, and incapable of getting his point across in layman's terms. Anyway, I digress.

I installed the program no problem. Ran it and watched it create a Yahoo account no problem. Watched it create shitloads of accounts everywhere no problem. I did however help it with capthas because it was too slow solving them.

After it created all the accounts, I ran EVO2 but I shouldn't have, because it hadn't verified 29 accounts! At every one of those accounts the submissions failed because the account hadn't been verified. I went into the account after EVO2 had finished (5 fricken hours later) and manually verified them all. I thought maybe that's what I should have done and it was my fault, but reading all these posts I now know it's just because his software is so buggy and doesnt work properly.

The RSS feed thing seemed to work really well and had no bugs at all. I didn't know he adds his own URLs to it though (read that above). What a wanker.

Results? The following day my site was back up to #2. Three days later I have only ONE new backlink.

I've had feedback from fellow IMers who all say Peter Drew has good ideas but bad ethics and buggy products. And after reading every post in this thread, I'll be cancelling my free trial and getting senuke.
nice self promotion dude. go to hell

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You think I am Drew?? lol you even read my post? I tried to offer some balanced opinion. The software is ok. The forum sucks.

It looked like balanced feedback to me. But then again, I've also tried the thing, so maybe that makes us more qualified to give a *balanced* opinion.
UPDATE: I decided to give EVO2 another go before I cancelled the 7-day trial...

In my earlier report I said I thought I should have manually confirmed all the accounts it created. This time, I discovered it is not possible to pause the program while you go and manually verify all the accounts it created.

Once again, it failed to verify a shitload of accounts and I fully expect the result this time will be the same as last time - only ONE new backlink created, not the 500 promised by Peter Drew.

$157 per month for ONE backlink each time you run EVO2 is a rip.

I noticed it was mostly able to solve captchas, although really slow, but some sites have a "are you human" equation to solve and EVO2 didn't even try, so it crapped out at those sites. And it's not possible to intervene and help it out.

It's a really basic thing and shows Peter Drew is not using and testing the software himself, otherwise his team would have been onto this long ago.

In summary, it's buggy shit. It's not even worth the time spent on it during the 7-day free trial. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!
It's a complete scam the software is a complete joke I stupidly forgot to cancel the 7 day trial and ended up being billed $797 (lol I know... )

I asked for a refund explaining several times the software is no use to me & they can see I didn't use the software outside of the 7 day trial. Their only response has been they don't do refunds.

Its some bullshit "No small print... lol we dont do refunds" which ironically is hidden in small print on his website front page which is 26 screens in length.

I checked out the Austrailian laws on online trading and have pointed out his no refunds declartion is illegal, something they have refused to comment on.

I was able to stop the payment coming out of my bank account and have told Paypal if they want paid they can take me to court for it.

As you can tell I'm seething at the response I've had from this cunt and will be making sure I cost him and his business as much as possible over the next few years.
I have been using EVOII for about 2 months now. I use SENuke as well, but EVOII is nice to have running in the background whilst I work on fresh content for my sites.
I am amazed to read all these negative reviews, because the software has helped my sites rise dramatically in the SERPs. One of my sites is now number 1 for all the keywords I have been targeting, which has resulted in my first ever sales with this site.
I guess I am not too bothered about the cost, because I have already made it back. There have been a number of updates and I have had no problems running the software.
I had bfseo last year, and stayed with it for a while.

When the program updates came out, all my previous work was deleted, and I was left with a clean install.

Considering all my saved work was on a notepad file, he should have seen this coming, and at least told his users to save the file first.

My opinion, don't buy, you will regret it if you do.
UPDATE: I cancelled the 7-day free trial after running it twice on one of my sites. The only other thing I've done is post two articles on the site.

It's now been 2 weeks since I first tried EVO2 and 1 week since I cancelled the trial.

The result? For my main keyword I've gone from #2 Google rank to #1. That happened after running EVO2 the first time. For my second keyword I've slipped from #5 Google rank to #10. And I've gained a grand total of 7 measly backlinks! After running the thing twice. Peter Drew says you should get 500 backlinks over time. That's shit talk.

The first time I ran EVO2 I used articles I'd written myself. The second time I got EVO2 to grab articles and it got completely irrelevant articles on completely different topics. I had to keep changing the keywords before it eventually got a couple of relevant articles.

In short, I'm glad I cancelled the trial. I'd be really pissed off if I had to pay for this shit. I will *NEVER* again touch anything made or promoted by Peter Drew.

In my opinion EVO2 is buggy and doesn't do what it says it will do. It's a rip and I'll never trust Peter Drew again.
Yup it is a rip off! and they do not honor the refunds either!! The software is a complete joke! In his video he says that the software does all the work within 30min which is a complete bullshit! You still have to do lot of manual work to make it work!
You are better off using the Roboform for manual account creation and posting!
So ok has anybody seen any good results?
or is this just a wanna be Xrumer?
wow i'm surprised so many people hate his products! I've had really good experiences with his products (especially the evo brute 2).

anyway had this in my mailbox this morning (for those who care obviously):

Tomorrow we are releasing a significant
EVO II Update Part 1.

Next week we are releasing EVO II update
Part 2.

Tomorrow, everyone will be reviewing EVO II
Update Part I. Which consists of.

(a) Yahoo Mail changed yesterday. We have updated
EVO II to suit.

(b) Now we have a total of 11 blogs to post
our content to. each of these blogs linking
to each other providing a sweet linking network
between them providing us with even more 2 and
3 and 4 way links to our sites<img alt="" title="Smile" border="0">

(c) Sites that have changed registration code
have been updated.

(d) other small issues resolved.

Next week we will be releasing

EVO II Update Part II.

This is Massive news, Peter Drew, and
Noel Swanson, the owner of Unique Article
Wizard, the leader in the Article Spinning
Industry, have teamed up together in a true
Win Win situation, where all their members

We are releasing the New Article Module.

In this new Article Module, each and every
time you download articles via EVO II.

You will receive Fresh Unique Articles!

That's right, every time you download articles
based on your keywords/keyword phrase, you
will be presented with Unique Articles.

Even if you use the same keywords on the
next project, you will receive fresh articles

Noel and I have been working on this for a while
now and very happy to release it to the world.

Our members get unique content on each run of
EVO II, enabling better rankings for their
Web 2 sites and Noels members get the benefits
of our massive linking capabilities.

Truly a Win Win for everyone involved.

In Addition.

We have listened.

We are now giving members the opportunity
to purchase their own captures, simply put
members can order their own captures, then
add their unique identifier code and use captures
from a third party.

You do NOT Need to use these, you will always
have our captures used at our expense for the
duration of your membership. Though some members
wanted this flexibility, so we have provided

Onwards and Upwards


Peter Drew
No wonder after all this slating of his product... Peter has not even bothered to reply to any of the posts here.. tells you something huh?
Thanks for the heads up guys, won't be wasting any cash on this!! Defo not worth $157 a month, maybe $157 one time payment with lifetime updates :)
I've been using this for some time now and the software has worked great for me.

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