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    Hey guys,

    I would appreciate a few ideas/suggestions on one topic.

    So, I have 4, 5 ebooks and I am offering Skyping services on one subject I am really, really masterful at. (No, I wont expose it). I have 3 my own facebook groups where I do 98% of selling.

    In July, I raised ALL prices of everything 50% up. I figured out this makes it look more serious and proffessional (I'm getting good sales since I raised the prices)

    So, now I am thinking of making some sorts of packages.

    Something like "Starter pack" that would have like 3 ebooks with 10% off price (so, I am 40% benefiting in prices comparing to old pricing), then making "Advanced pack" where there 'd be like 4 ebooks + 20-30 minutes of Skyping with maybe 10, 20% off price.

    So, you get the picture what I want with this and I would really appreciate some suggestions on what else, what more I can do with all this.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    (P.S. This is all 99% whitehat due to the nature of my field of expertise)