Bitcoin! Bitcoin!! Bitcoin!!! How and where can invest ? Help please

Discussion in 'CryptoCurrency' started by Oscar Ekeyekwu, Nov 6, 2016.

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    I have heard, a lot about bitcoin and do not know what, where and how it works. The future world currency, Yes (bitcoin). I don't want to be left out on this train of future invest. I'm calling for help. Someone please help
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    Hey there, it's cool you interest yourself to Bitcoin, but there is no easy way to understand it, or invest it.
    Don't invest what you can't afford to lose is one of the main thing we say about Bitcoin, but I'm exposed at 50% of my personal wealth and for now I'm like x2 in return. And I believe I will make x100 because I live internationally and I work on Internet, and I can see Bitcoin is superior to what we had before.

    Like e-mail is superior to fax or mail.

    But this is only my feeling after moving country to country and working 5 years on Internet.

    However there is no easy to explain it, or to tell you what to do...

    But I suggest you to inform yourself on to read the white paper from this creator and also to read something about money supply of BTC compare to others currencies/commodities. You can try to understand how proof of works is working also.

    Good read it took me 6 months of full reading to understand it was a revolution, to be convinced I'd say.
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    Here are a few ways you make money from Bitcoin.

    1.Get a bitcoin wallet and buy some bitcoin and allow it to rise and fall like forex. Sell when it's high.

    2. Get bitcoin and investing in sites that pay 5% interest daily.

    3. You can also mine bitcoin.

    This is a pretty good source for you -
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