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BHW marketplace 2.0 - thoughts.

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by Diamond Damien, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. danixD

    danixD Elite Member

    Nov 29, 2014
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    Whatever it takes
    I don't know if it's already fixed with the new update but when all the daily spam post get deleted, it block the notification and i can't see anything after the first page https://cl.ly/6f6032 it happens everyday for months by now ( i reported few months back too )
  2. John Nubba

    John Nubba Junior Member

    Dec 8, 2016
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    Hello Diamond Damien, BHW staff and BHW members,

    I am a seller of digital products for more than 3 years in few forums / websites / platforms in different ways: with payment before delivery, with payment after delivery, with escrow services and through chat for example telegram...

    In BHW I am just a buyer in this moment but I am waiting to see the new MARKETPLACE and I will be a seller in the next period.

    I think that I can help BHW with my vision about the new MARKETPLACE and I will write few things, but I will start with the actual problems who in my opinion must to be solved first of all.

    1. JR VIP accounts for sale:
    In these days any person can buy JR VIP accounts in unlimited quantity for $25. I talk about persons who aren't BHW members. This price of $25 is just for 1 account, but if a person needs many accounts, he can buy in bulk without problems and the price is less than 25$, because the discount is normal when we talk about accounts in bulk...
    I know about JR VIP accounts for sale from 2015 in different russian forums!
    In the actual MARKETPLACE are some JR VIP accounts who aren't used of the real owners of the accounts and they can be the next scammers.
    These things are 100% real, I don't talk about scammers with BHW accounts, I talk about real sellers with real JR VIP accounts for sale.
    How is possible this thing? I have the answer but without evidence I NO COMMENT.

    @Diamond Damien - I can send you more details only outside of BHW through chat...

    We have many FAKE REVIEWS and even if you will have more than 100 MODS you can't stop this thing! You can find some fake reviews, but this thing can't be stopped in actual conditions, because the MODS can't find all the fake reviews and they find just some of them!

    And "THE SHIT LIST" in some cases isn't real because it included JR VIP accounts which were not used by the real owners of the accounts.
    In some situations a buyer ask for refund, the seller don't want to send the money to the buyer and he will be banned by the MODS and added to the shit list, but in the next days the same seller is again in BHW with a new "JR VIP" account back in business with a new scam method!
    In this situation THE SHIT LIST will grow, the real sellers lose buyers, the buyers lose money, BHW lose members (some buyers will runn from BHW) and the money are at the scammers from the shit list!

    These problems can't be solved in the actual terms and conditions of the MARKETPLACE and BHW staff must to create a NEW MARKETPLACE.

    We (BHW buyers & sellers) must to understand that we need a NEW MARKETPLACE with a real and correct escrow service included and this is the unique solution!

    THE SHIT LIST grow but with a NEW MARKETPLACE with escrow included this category will disappear!

    The NEW MARKETPLACE will be perfect for all (BHW owners/sellers/buyers) a win-win system and I will explain why:

    1. For BHW sellers - you will make more money than now, because the buyers will have access only at the real sellers.
    2. For BHW buyers - you will buy always real products and the most important thing you can't lose money if the product isn't like in the description, because you will receive refund.
    3. For BHW owners - you will make more money than now, because from any transaction you will have a % from buyer and from seller.

    These fees of 20% or 30% are very very very high... I sell products through an escrow service and the fees are 2.5% or 5% or 10% or free for escrow workers, all depends of the level of the members.
    The same fees we must to have and in BHW, maximum 10%, all depends of the member's level:
    - 10% for members who aren't JR VIP
    - 5% for members who are JR VIP
    - 2.5% for members who are JR VIP and help BHW community
    With escrow fees more than 10% I think that many of the sellers and buyers will try to find other solutions outside of BHW!

    If you want to make this forum very clean is only one solution - the actual MARKETPLACE must to be frozen, for this simple reason:
    - if you will have 2 MARKETPLACES you (the owners) will lose money, because some of the buyers will buy products without escrow services from the actual MARKETPLACE!

    Few details about the NEW MARKETPLACE and if they are good can be implemented:
    - a BHW member can buy a JR VIP for 3, 6, 12 months with $60, $90, $120 (these amounts are just for example, but good in my opinion) and not just for 1 year
    - minimum amount from a sale to be $10
    - all the conversations must to be made through BHW messages and/or chat, a chat must to be implemented - this system will help escrow MODS, buyers&sellers
    - 1 listing for every product for free, because the sellers already pay for JR VIP accounts and fees for escrow, in the actual marketplace we can see 1 thread and for more than 100 different products
    - MARKETPLACE structure in categories and subcategories and a good search section
    - MODS for escrow dispute for diferent categories of products

    I have solutions and about payment system but I don't want to write for now... If BHW staff consider that my ideas are good I am here with many other things.

    In my message I tried to be in all the positions buyer/seller/BHW and my intention is just to help if I can.

    If in my message is nothing new or these things aren't good please delete or ignore my message.

    Good luck for all BHW staff & BHW members!