bhw marketplace

  1. P

    What are the things to consider before choosing a service provider from BHW market place?

    Newbie here. I wanted to try some services from BHW market place. But puzzled by the number of sellers there. Could anyone suggest me how to choose a good seller?
  2. provocative

    Newbie Journey with several websites purchased from BHW

    Hello All, I met BHW at the end of last year and I registered later with the mind of creating a passive income long-term, preferably on white hat. I learned a lot here and I want to give it back. I will share my newbie experience of my BHW purchases, hopefully it will guide a bit to other...
  3. D

    What PBN services on BHW requires monthly payment

    I am in need of a PBN service, but I want the PBN service in blackhatworld (BHW) that requires monthly payment. I prefer the monthly payment because it shows that the PBN is well maintained
  4. akshay_saini

    Can we create more then one thread in BHW marketplace hosting?

    Please suggest, Can we create more than one thread in BHW marketplace hosting for different domains that we have related to dedicated server provider, VPS server provider, cloud hosting and web hosting?
  5. Diamond Damien

    BHW marketplace 2.0 - thoughts.

    BHW 2.0 is now well on it's way, which will be delivered for public beta in the next few weeks. For clarity, it will maintain the current marketplace structure on release. I let the cat out of the bag in a previous thread...
  6. ksk71119

    Life of a BHW Marketplace Seller - THE best marketplace

    This should be an interesting read for you guys. I thought to share my experiences after being a BHW marketplace seller for some years. This could also be a guideline for someone who is looking to launch a service of their own. I know many service providers are solely dependent on BHW for...
  7. Mr Cracker

    Have you used BHW SEO services and managed to rank (recently) - Share some experiences with everyone

    I'm personally looking to invest some $$$ into services, one of my clients requires German websites to be ranked. I look inside the BHW marketplace and see thousands of services. It's pretty overwhelming. So, I would love to hear any (good) experiances from you guys, and I'd like to know...
  8. Patr1k

    Improve Black Hat World VIP membership (bad experience)

    Hi. I've been a member of bhw for not so long but I always visited this forum constantly, and I think it's the community that makes it great, meaning the users. However, I can not say the same about the staff so far, and I've been to many forums where usually things get solved during the day...
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