Best SEO software combo for 2013? Web 2.0 and high PR/auto blog?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Johnnyroq, Mar 6, 2013.

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    I looked through search and I feel like there are pages on here describing versions of what I am looking for, but they end in flame wars with no resolve.

    Would using a combination of Scrapebox, GSA and SENuke XCr be necessary/useful for pushing traffic to adult sites?

    I have a few legacy adult sites I am giving a facelift, we already have the #1 for our main (and popular) keyword on Y! and Bing, but I am looking to reseat us on Googles pages.

    I am looking for high PR and web 2.0 as well.

    Basically, I want to be able to spin and autoblog, social post and gain links as automated as possible while I continue to build campaigns.

    Any advice? Software suggestions/combinations?

    Mention in the comments if you are working with adult content as well, as I know dating/adult takes a completely different turn on things.

    Also, I can not direct link my URL on social, I am trying to figure out the smoothest conversion from FB/social - my money page. Simple redirect?

    Look forward to responses, thanks guys.