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    Hello world!
    This is my first post this online journal, hopefully I'll provide enough value and make some money this time :cool:

    At the moment, I have $50 in capital to invest. Im going to be looking into adsense+pintrest
    IG + FB marketing
    Kindle publishing
    And maybe something else, bc these just feel like skills not really a path to income, I also want to start a blog for the sake of having a blog. I met all my mentors in real life, through online, so its a very powerful networking tool, i think its highly underrated. Not sure how i'd go about monetizing it tho :confused:

    AT the moment Im making $1/week on avg through fiverr pretending to be peoples girlfriend.
    Yestarday, I started a joint venture with a friend with an amazon affiliate niche website.

    Official start date, jan 12th jan.
    Goal by the end of 2015, $5k monthly, moved out of my parents house and in miami/manhattan. Also help get my parents out of debt and maybe even teach my mom a little bit of IM so they can take better care of themselves. Indian parents and a poor income isn't a good mix. :cow04: [no we don't worship cows]
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    Getting It
    Good luck my friend. Helping your parents is a noble cause and will definitely keep you motivated to see this journey through to the end.