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Nov 12, 2015
Hi - I have a site that has a lot of backlinks and I must stress that the backlinks were all obtained with good old fashioned relationship building and no link farming or purchasing.

The domain authorities for these links are very high but the actual nature of what these sites do, don't really have any relevance to what I sell.

So my question is this ... Would google look at the relevancy and would they penalise me on the basis that the referring domains are no relevant.
Yes, Google algorythm looks at the relevance of the site and Yes, it could penalise you
If you are okay now, it should be okay no need worry. Write more contents and get some relevant links to make it "more safe".
Yes google looks at relevancy (to some extent), but I never heard of a penalty due to relevancy. Normally they penalise for breaking Google Webmaster guidelines, and this does not break the guidelines.
No penalty but you could see a bit of serps fluctuations if they tweak the algorithm with respect to how they weight relevancy.
Google loves relevance.
Important relevance of the page on which there is a backlink to your site. Relevance of the entire site is not critical.
you will not get penalized
esp if these links were obtained thru natural relationship building
however, they wont necessarily pack the same punch as relevant links
Relevance is important but if it is good quality links you will probably be ok.
I would suggest maybe to find a way to write a blurb and then organic fit in the link/s. Or why not, create a hosted article that is relevant for your site and also for the site where it is hosted.
Although G looks for relevancy, your site also needs to look natural - you can't have all the associated anchor texts linking back to your site to be the same, as that is unnatural, and will not contribute value.
You need a diverse link structure, and that means having links from other sites -- these would in return help build authority in that aspect, which is also a bonus for your site.
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When user search "lawyers" in the search engine, what she or she can discover, obviously the lawyers related results! Why? It is because of the relevancy!

For the best results and wish to get unaffected from any Google algorithm change Follow the relevancy. In my opinion create few back links but follow the 'relevancy' top criteria.
Aboslutely, Relevance and Virality are two major factors to rank your website Faster !
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