Nov 23, 2020
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I want to build a fully automated blog. Which should scrap and publish questions from "peoples also ask" section of the SERP and answers from the related pages. in the case of having ZERO coding knowledge, what should I do to get my dream true?
I think that I saw someone selling ready-made PAA sites on the forum, but I don't remember who it was, sorry :(

You can either google "ready made PAA sites", or search the forum (the marketplace actually) for such sites / services... Or you can use Wordpress autoblogging plugins (just look them up in WP's repository)
Such sites are now dead because of google updates. Some members will say that some of these sites are still work but they will also get penalty soon.

If I had a nickel for every time someone on the forum said something like this I'd never had to work again.

Autoblogs, while don't really adhere to decent SEO standards of authority sites, are still very much alive.
I am not sure if google will send good traffic to such sites.
You can try to hire a coder for this.

It doesn't seem like it's all that complicated.

But please understand that mashing different scraped "People Also Ask" content might not rank all that well if you have a fairly small site.

The key is to build a very big site and interlink the hell out of it using a sensible keyword matching strategy.

I understand that you want to automate everything.

Still, even with a fully automated system, you can build in some other processes that would go a long way in increasing the overall quality of the end product.

It will also help if you factor in a little bit of machine learning into your autoblogging.

Put simply, you should get a script done that pays attention to how people actually behave on your autoblog so you can stop wasting your time scraping content that people aren't really interested in.

Even in the content you're interested in, people's behaviors often gravitate towards one type over another.

The code of your software should pick up on this so you can develop an autoblog that is "fully responsive" to your audience.

This can go a long way in helping your stuff get shared on social media and, by extension, get more love from Google.
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