Autoblogging can be really useful to supplement new and original content and in that case can help to show a sites knowledge of a certain subject area. Google Panda has thrown some shakeups into auto blogging. So it cannot stay on top of the Google Panda updates.
I am using Newspaper 7 theme, if Yes can you please suggest me some great plugins?
My thought was, the heyday of autoblogging is over.

Because autoblogging is nothing but taking others content, the content could be a spun content and it is had low quality.

Autoblogging is also a Black hat technique you should avoid it.

After all these circumstances you can successfully used the autoblogging technique Google will penalized you in the Panda and Penguin updates.

So forget autoblogging technique and make some natural ways to get good rank.
It generates some spun and low-quality content. Auto blogging sites had a chance of banned by Google.
If you able to control the quality of content, you can do.
You can try plugins like WP robot and WP Automatic plugin.
It's not about autoblog still works or not. It's just not worth the effort.
I'm not sure I agree that it's dead. I had great success following Reinstecker's models a couple years ago, but mainstream use of auto-blogging has definitely been declining.

I do still perform a number of important functions though by employing the basics of an auto-blogging approach. For example I might aggregate and combine RSS feeds and manipulate various elements in automated ways to create posting templates for twitter accounts, facebook posts, web 2.0 blog content, etc... So, yeah they're kinda still cool! I just don't generally make the money directly anymore. It's more of a function of what these "auto-blogs" can help to further streamline or automate.

There are definitely guys/gals on here that use auto-blogs and directly monetize them. I do agree it's largely a numbers game, but I bet someone's hording some secrets about simple ways to use auto-blogs to build SEO, funnel leads into email squeeze templates or app channels, and direct monetization possibly via ad implementations including cloaking.
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Since it still applies, I'm just going copy/paste what I wrote the last time someone created this type of thread:

I always get a kick out of these silly "Autoblogs are dead" posts and replies.

Autoblogs are certainly not dead. In fact, the web is full of viable business models that revolve around the monetization of automated content and/or data aggregation.

What definitely is dead is deploying shitty looking WordPress blogs using crappy plugins and expecting to make bank.
I seen some autoblogs which scraping bhw
and they are ranking good
Autoblogging is still used by people that know how to profit from it, but it requires a traffic source that is not search since search engines penalize unoriginal content. But autoblogging can actually work very well with social media.
I've done that last year. i was kind of aggregating viral content from diverse sources and blasting the whole feed to multiple tw, fb and tumblr accounts along with some original content that i had created! it definitely brings in traffic but it's hard to monetize plus i was always a little worried about the content theft issue (and I got a couple of angry emails from other sites but seriously not as much as i thought - i was aggregating somewhere between 50 and 100 sources to have constant updates all throughout the day). The trick is to share titles only and always give credit to the original site, after all the web is made for sharing right?! moved on now but I found it very cool because once it was set up it was entirely hands free and i got to read all of my favourite news items like it was my personal newspaper... why not try it out for yourself and share some of your results here.

Whether it should be done or not thats a different question but autoblogging in 2016 is still working. I myself have couple of autoblogs getting more than decent traffic from search engines and making $ to $$ in earning.
Yes some gets banned every time google updates its algorithm but i usually replace it with other autoblogs it hardly takes time to make one.

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