auto blog plugin

  1. creatorsaurabh001

    Auto blogging Still works in 2016?

    is the auto blogging still alive? if yes can you please suggest me some great plugins? i am using Newspaper 7 theme
  2. R

    [wp robot] Need a Quick Help from My Fellow BHW

    Hi, I Used Wp Robot for Amazon Affiliate Blogging before. Now i am searching for a way to fetch articles from different sources and post them in my blog. I only need the articles in this format [Title] [Article/content/description] [youtube video] The Article should be collected from...
  3. ClThis

    [BEST] WordPress auto blogging plugin (paid)? WPR3 vs WP********* vs Autoblogged

    I am doing some research before launching a domain network for the best auto blogging plugin. Here is my set up so far: Done: Niche Domains 'Model' WP setup (in terms of onsite SEO) 3 posts per domain of unique, outsourced (English speaking) content done Offer(s) done Now: I have the...
  4. geteasymoneynow

    [tutorial] auto-blogging like a pro with all the tools you need for free

    I have received about 200 some emails from various members on how to create a working auto-blog on the service which I have provided, well I have decided to create a tutorial on this and will hope that I wont get more messages and PMs asking me! This way if I missed something you can ask on...
  5. spsfinest

    Are there any G oogle Alerts plug-ins for WP?

    I get G oogle alerts in my e-mail and was wondering if anyone has ever developed a WP plug-in that rips alerts and puts them into post for autoblogs?
  6. H

    WP Robot- $40 Discount Coupon - The Ultimate Autoblog Resource

    Hello guys, I have been using WP Robot for a while and I'm really happy with it. It makes my autoblogging so easy and fast! Those who still don't have it, let me share a $40 coupon code for the full version. Use the coupon code: " Warriorrobot " and your WP Full Elite would be $129. Good...
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