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    Hello, friends, I would like to know if you can share facebook javascripts with me ...

    I had a very good time until I even got a share here in the forum which was one that added to your list of friends all as people of a group.

    After a while I used another script that deleted all as requests from friends made that were not accepted to be able to do a process again of adding people until having 5 thousand friends ...

    After that with 5,000 friends I had another script that deleted all my friends so I could start this whole process again ...

    And I used this to be able to invite all these people to enjoy a certain page, this is good because you can have real people enjoying a certain page with a targeted audience

    Anyway the main script it was, adding all the people in a group does not work anymore unfortunately.

    Do you have javascripts that work or alternatives to do this process?

    If you have how to direct me to some link that has these scripts or else I pass it ...

    I'll be very grateful!

    Hugs just talk.