1. Software Monster

    Mine ICO token platform (scripts) + your client

    I have ico token based platform. Its basically a web application. If you can manage client so we can work together. I can provide premium support facilities. Looking for perfect one. For more question inbox me
  2. tony901

    [Seeking] Experienced programmer to create file upload and auto-restore scripts on hosts like Mixdrop, Streamtape, etc.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an experienced programmer who can help me create a custom script to upload and manage files on hosting platforms like Mixdrop, Streamtape, etc. with a particular feature: the auto-restoration of removed files. The main goal of the script is to streamline the...
  3. S


    Is there a bot that can produce numerous videos with a single button click? For example, if you provide it with 1000 titles and video scripts, it will generate 1000 videos for you, which can then be uploaded to a video sharing platform. Additionally, features such as adding audio to videos, as...
  4. F

    Anyone using scripts for Cam Affiliation?

    Hello, is anyone using any script or tool for webcam affiliation marketing ? Like roboscripts or similar? I knew about the old roboscripts which was really useful but now seems gone, or at least the original website is down(?) What do you guys use for make your life easier on promoting your...
  5. Legba

    Content locker script with conversion postback support?

    Hey Colleagues, Could anyone advise if there's a (currently supported) script for CPA content locking? Content Lock PRO seems to be long gone, are there any worthy alternatives? Thanks.
  6. A

    BAS or not ?

    Hi folks, I am learning to use BAS ( I'm trying to create my first bots, so they can work for me. I would like them to post for me, but also scrap data from some sites, etc. What are yours?
  7. Nittybonja

    Is there a way to change the date/time of a website?

    I know the title sounds vague or you might think I’m plain crazy, but this is a serious question. Is there a way to make a website think it’s in a different time frame? For example, let’s think of twitter. Theoretically, let’s say that one day,“Twitter” registers the time as “1/1/2015” when the...
  8. fbposter

    How to ask this?

    Can I put a request into the Facebook thread asking for Beta testers for my new Facebook Group posting script? Thanks! Casey
  9. C

    Hello its chrisjcodes

    Hello guys am a new member here and am good with code so u should follow me becoz am gona be sharing all the nulled content including phpscripts, templates, addons and more from my website here to u guys for free all free
  10. Und3fined

    What works, and what doesn't for Online Money Making

    This is a Request thread, so if you're not about helping a brotha out press backspace. I'll eventually get to my point though; I'm a Jobless 22 years old college dropout with a mom dying of terminal stage illness. I've been tip toeing around online money making since 2011.. Only was able to...
  11. mohitfarswan

    I need a chatbot

    I need a chat bot script that automatically posts msg in chatroom with automatically creating different usernames at the same time
  12. Delta65

    IG Comment likes

    I’m looking for a service that will be able to send an X amount of likes to a comment a username has posted. I saw one panel that offered something similar (likes to the last 40 comments) but not to one account. Willing to pay for this service.
  13. Anevo

    SMM-Panel scripts

    Hello there, I've been thinking about creating a smm panel myself and I was looking around to see how to make one (seems hard). There were offers to buy the scripts but man, +100$ it's waaaay above my budget. Do you guys know where I could find any scripts regarding this matter? Or maybe a...
  14. T

    Hiring, someone to make a sneaker raffle script

    Hi I need a raffle script created for an AU sneaker store and it must be able to create Name and address variants, pass captchas, unlimited entries, email variants using catchall plus multiple catchall's, preferably confirm confirmation emails, with proxy support and profile TXT file. Cheers
  15. Scorpion Ghost

    Addmefast and Youlikehits iMacros [Giveaway]

    I just upgraded to a Jr Vip, and I want to give something to everyone. Here are download links for Addmefast and Youlikehits iMacros: Addmefast scripts Youlikehits scripts All the scripts work, and they work great. The scripts are my creation, I use them personally, so you'll love them for...
  16. S

    Viral marketing and adowrds scripts?

    I want to ask multiple questions and try to answer them in a practical and easiest way please. 1. What are these viral marketing scripts and how to practically make them viral? How to make viral marketing strategy for a client? 2. Where can we get customized adwords scripts? ( i know where to...
  17. MatthewGraham

    [HAF] Hiring full-time programmer(s) for assorted custom scripting

    Hello, Currently hiring one or more programmers to create assorted bots, mainly for SEO purposes. Examples of the types of scripts needed include projects like these: Automatically creating Tumblrs on specific expired Tumblrs (and other web 2.0s) Automatically posting content to various social...
  18. B

    Anyone know any Cash Gifting or 1Up Scripts?

    Anyone know any Cash Gifting or 1Up Scripts? Make money opportunity programs. Thanks for any positive input.
  19. MatthewGraham

    [Easy/Quick Trick] Scrape Top 100 SERP Results for a Keyword -- Titles and URLs

    The Chrome scraper plugin was giving me an aneyurism, so I wrote a quick script to do some basic SERP scraping. Use it, if you want; or don't, I'm not your dad. This script will scrape the URLs and Titles displaced for the top 100 SERP results formatted as a table. Two notes: Google ads are...
  20. Scorpion Ghost

    iMacros Compatibility with Firefox 57 - Solution [Video]

    Guys, I made this video, I hope it's okay if I share it here. I provide some good info about the situation with iMacros not working for Firefox 57 and newer, and I offer solutions. And I know many people here use iMacros and may be experiencing a difficulty using them now. This video can help...
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