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[ASK] Running Instagram on PC, Phones Vice-Versa

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by bdgcty, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. bdgcty

    bdgcty Newbie

    Oct 10, 2015
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    there is some questions i have to ask about Instagram
    maybe the seniors can help me hehehe

    1. how safe is it when we are switching accounts using web-based Instagram Clients like the native instagram site, and others then do liking like 1 like per 5 second or so (using 1 account)

    2. same question as above, but when u use the Multi Account Manager in Native Instagram App (the updated ones) on phone or Emulator

    3. is it safe if i add 5 Account on my Native Instagram App, all active.. then i add 5 more account in multi Instagram app installed on my phone

    4. i have 1 pc, 1 laptop, and 1 android phone running on the same wifi and internet line. is it safe if i run 3 different account in each? 1 pc, 1 laptop 1 android and do the login-logout using those 3 media randomly (like now i log the A using PC, done.. then i Log the A in Phone,, and then log the B using others)

    5. having 3 account Loged in on PC (different browser window) is it okay?

    6. having 1 account on pc, 5 on emulator, 5 on phone (all in different Username) loged in there, is that okay?

    yesterday i was automate my IG account with AMF on my PC
    then i login the same IG account and do comment with my Android
    then i asked to reset the password XD

    still dont get it
    and i need someone here to clear me up so i can be more careful in doing this cuz all the IG account is my big ones

    and sorry for the questions
    its a lil bit messy and confusing
    but i hope there is someone that is able to explain me things

    thx ^^