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    Hi BHW!

    Not here to make $$, just want to do cool SEO stuff for the fun and beauty of it. I'm an artist working with SEO, domains, reverse proxies, reverse engineered the google custom search, and had fun with followers. Love reading all the stories, and tricks here on BHW! Have done some Instagram and Twitter follower bombing performances, for example I bombed several artists follower counts so they would all be equal, and now I'm looking to expand. Lurking and reading BHW for a while now and really interested in what is possible, but afraid of screwing up while I have a deadline coming up. Have a big thing coming up soon for a museum (no IM or PR for the museum, they asked me to make a work), so with some cash to spend, I want to have some fun with a large group of custom accounts on Facebook. So basically here to read, learn and ask if anyone is around in Berlin or Germany with experience up for a few beers. Just because it will take me years to do this really well, and I don't want to make noob mistakes on a project this big. Of course I am testing and an I can just buy some software, but since I am not in it to make money I hope some of you would be willing to give some tips. I would like to have a large group of accounts comment, post, post images, and like in a large international art community (with its focus in the US). And I don't mind paying for any of these things of course. If anyone is up for a chat, giving some advise, or wants to point me to a service please DM me. Let me know if you want to see any of my earlier work, and please forgive any forwardness if if this is uncool to ask for help in this way. Thanks for reading, and looking forward to fun and interesting times here on BHW!