Are these two techniques illegal or only unethical?

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    I'm quite new to grey and Black hat techniques and recently read a couple of eBooks detailing eWhore techniques. It looked very promising and a gateway for lots of money, but digging a little deeper I found out those techniques are borderline illegal and could potentially get me in trouble. I therefore decided to stay away from them.

    The following are two techniques that sound very interesting, but for witch I don't really know if they are potentially considered illegal. Any advice about if those techniques could be potentially dangerous is appreciated.

    1- Offering a nintendo wii or x box at a very good price on Craigslist and then auto-responding that the nintendo or x box is already sold, but that going filling a small survey gives them the chance to win one. The survey or free subscription would be a CPA offer.

    I heard on these forums that using CL techniques is illegal most of the time, but will a technique like that be considered as spam or anything near illegal?

    2- Uploading a muted version of a movie on Mega upload and then embedding it on a website optimized for say "watch forest gump online". Since the movie is muted, I would put a AVS video editor affiliate banner indicating that the drivers are needed to make the sound work.

    Could I end up being in a copyright problem because of the movie even though it's hosted on mega upload? What about deceiving people in buying AVS while it won't change anything?

    I'm a little confused about if deceiving people to believe something is illegal or only unethical.

    Thanks for any advice
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    Yes, fraud and piracy are both illegal. Proving you have done them is an entirely different matter. Protect yourself. ;)

    Luckily for strategies like that, the NSA, FBI, and other forms of law enforcement have much, much better things to do than trawl the internet for unethical marketers. It's much more profitable for them to sit in the dark and wait for me to make an illegal U-Turn (pigs).
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    Your bedroom window
    If you have to ask then I would stay well away from it !!