1. UtaBeta

    Looking to buy ewhore pack

    Who is the best seller for ewhoring packs? i need for snapchat
  2. M

    Which Platform to Spam?

    Which platform I can spam in order to get instant adult traffic?
  3. I

    a solution to tinder shadow ban?

    i'm having a hard time getting around tinder's shadow bans as soon as i make reference to snap. has anyone figured out how to go about this? i'd appreciate the help
  4. pokerchip

    Tinder Traffic To Instagram

    Hey BHW, PROBLEM I'm running tinder traffic to Instagram, however recently whenever i put my instagram handle down it seems i get shadow banned. I know there are a couple ways to bypass this and i'm looking for someone that knows the solution. Thanks, Pokerchip
  5. im_network

    Suggest me the best method to make money from facebook accounts with friends

    I have facebook accounts with 4-5k friends, mostly Indian friends interested in adult niche . Should i use ewhoring to send them to some adult CPA offers ? or use them to build a fan page or group in adult niche ? Or it's better to sell the account itself for some 50 to 100 usd and keep on doing...
  6. shushing

    How to avoid Tinder ban?

    two of my accounts have been banned so far in the past day. they were catfish accounts but i’m not sure what the ban was for, i was using an old (from 2018) auto liker on Cydia. could it be that? or is my IP address banned?
  7. V

    Where to go next from Ewhoring?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice here. I've been doing ewhoring for a few years and I've gotten very good at it. Even now though people have said it's too saturated I can easily do $300+ days if I want to put in the work. The thing is I no longer want to put in the work. I'm getting tired of...
  8. Munni

    Looking for eWhore Pack

    I am looking for eWhore Packs. Not only pics & vids but also Cams. Actually I am looking for eWhore HQ Cam Packs. If any one willing to share I will be thankful. If any want want to sell Give me proof of quality, If I like I will must buy that pack. Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad...
  9. S


    Heey ! Im new to this forum and looking forward to meeting other people ! :) And is there anybody on this forum selling verified paypal accounts (for ewhoring?) Thanks ! Hopefully ill be here a long time, looking forward to it! :)
  10. J


    Hello, I am currently looking for teams/ groups that can deliver leads (Signups) through chat traffic. Please add me in skype if interested. skype: markdiaz80
  11. C

    Bitcoin Chat traffic/ pay per sign up?

    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm trying to find some Pay per signup affiliate programs that accept chat traffic and payout in bitcoin. HMU if you know of any , Thanks!
  12. savobaby

    [Free] I'll Promote Your Kik/Snapchat/Instagram Username On My Website

    Hey guys, I've decided to I want to help out people in this community who are looking for ways to get more Snapchat, Kik or Instagram friends. I don't expect any money in return for doing this at all, but a link back to my site/or a website shoutout from your account would be greatly...
  13. J

    $1000 upto $5000 a week

    I am an affiliate manager from dating/cam site i need a person who want to earn $1000 upto $5000 a week on there pocket I pay $20 upto $25 per sale on my link that required a cc for age verification. ewhore , spam mail , facebook ,twitter , or any method can do signups if you are interested...
  14. N

    Making a Fake Account

    Hi guys! I'm new to BlackHat forums and I've heard you all are very good at solving problems for people so I thought I would ask. Where could I get free picture pack to create a guy facebook with profile pictures. I need 10+ profile pictures of one guy that doesn't look like the most disgusting...
  15. savobaby

    [method] $10 - $50 daily (for noobs) kik messenger

    Hey guys, I have been reading here for a while and decided to give back to the community by posting this simple method to make money online easy with kik messenger or snapchat. first what you want to do is sign up to a site that pays per click, like a d f l y or bc.vc create links, then go to...
  16. N

    Promoting AdultDateLink. Noob question

    I've been reading a lot of the threads on this site and have to say they've been really helpful and informative. A few days ago, i started promoting AdultDateLink and their sites. My techniques vary, from banners, links, ewhoring, and others.. I'm on that PPE plan, pay per email. I've got about...
  17. B

    Okay .. so who did it?

    Okay ... so who e-whored some guy for 200K? Fess up and take some cred. http://www.couriermail.com.au/entertainment/weird/man-sent-girlfriend-us200000-only-to-find-she-didnt-exist/story-e6frep26-1226013292005
  18. F

    Are these two techniques illegal or only unethical?

    I'm quite new to grey and Black hat techniques and recently read a couple of eBooks detailing eWhore techniques. It looked very promising and a gateway for lots of money, but digging a little deeper I found out those techniques are borderline illegal and could potentially get me in trouble. I...
  19. blackma

    Who is the hot blonde in my avatar!?

    Hey guys, I can't remember where i got the picture for my avatar. Does anybody know who she is? I am desparate to find out!
  20. Gupnup

    The Journal

    Introduction: Hello, Im pretty new to blackhatworld, as I only joined in November. But, over the past month, I have soaked up ALOT and I mean ALOT of information. I plan to log my progress here, as I feel it will help me stay focused, organized, and motivated. I have had one journal before...
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