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Anyone work on backpage - specifically the escort section?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SteamyMcSteam, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. SteamyMcSteam

    SteamyMcSteam Junior Member

    Sep 14, 2008
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    Been browsing through the forum sections, and cannot seem to find an appropriate spot to post this.

    I've been promoting on backpage via the escort section with my dating offer for quite some time, almost 4 years on and off. It was a game with the paid ads to get them up, they go up, they come down, but it was decent enough to generate leads.

    Then backpage went to free ads, allowing upgrades for a mere $1.00 Well free ads didn't get put in the high traffic listing, so they kinda forced you to upgrade, so up and down with the ads and the same game.

    Now once again prices have increased, but it's even harder to get an ad to stay up more than 5 minutes. Last week I had some decent luck, but now this week it's been complete shit. I cannot get an ad up longer than 5 minutes to save my life! VPN, clearing cookies, posting the ad via a virtual machine...even tried a library computer (though i have had success with library computers before).

    If the ads were $1.00 like they were a little while ago, I could deal with it. I would still get leads for that $1.00. Now it's like $3.00 + and that ads up really quick when sometimes they ghost it EVEN after you pay!!!

    I heard it was all about an aged legit escort account. I mean in my posts I post like a legit escort. Craigslist is easier than this crap.

    I had a good thread going a few years ago, but was wondering if anyone is successfully posting in the escort section. If so I would like a partnership and/or I'll gladly pay for ads to be put up!