1. M

    Is Escort website mandatory offshore? [ SEO ]

    Hello there, I have an idea to start an escort website, I need your good experiences, I wonder if all active escort websites in my chosen country use offshore hosting Do I have to use offshore hosting? Can this be ignored if I don't use it? does luck matter or will it shut down hosting for...
  2. CyberCommander

    looking for hq backlinks (escort niche)

    for a customer im looking for high quality backlinks in the escort niche send me a pm with references and price
  3. CyberCommander

    Need your escort profiles for directories

    For my customer I host three escort directories (International, Spain, Hungary) with premium domains and looking for people who can create real escort profiles on the site. it is completely free!
  4. W

    Escort Website

    Hello, I'm new here and I couldn't really decide which subforum is the best for my topic. To get to the topic: I own an escort website and I am wondering how best to market it online and offline in the most cost effective way. I consider success through search engine optimization to be...
  5. ronhening

    Escort backlinks needed !

    Hi, We are looking for backlinks for (couple of) escort directories in Israel. The links should be niche relevant as much as possible. Also, we have couple of EN Adult blogs and porn sites that we will be happy to exchange links from. It's better to contact me through Skype ...
  6. B

    Backlinks for Escort Agency in germany

    Hi, looking for backlinks for an escort agency in germany. The backlinks should be niche relevant and please no porn pages. ;) If you actually are managing an escort agency no matter where and would like to exchange some love, i would also be happy to hear from you.
  7. E


    Hi I am looking for a webmaster that can provide me with AT least 3 of the following Price to be discussed,depending on the level of your experince and knowledge i look forward to your pm's Have the skillset and knowledge to use ahrefs,majestic and moz know how register and upload models...
  8. J

    Tips before creating an escort site? - adult site

    Hello, I would like your collaboration, I have wanted to create sites that provide advertising of sexual services or rather "escort sites" for a long time. Basically, they are sites with photos of women with underwear or almost naked who offer their sexual services at a price that they choose...
  9. E

    Look to buy links on escort sites with traffic

    I wanna buy backlinks/banners to my new escort directory page. Its a must your website has organic traffic.
  10. S

    How to post ad in

    I'm trying to post an ad in, and its not clear how to do so. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  11. S

    Need Pic of Woman Holding Driver's License

    Could you help me out? Gotta keep the girls safe. I need a picture of a woman (preferably latin) holding a drivers license or other id, and ideally a picture of just the id itself as well. Where should I post to find this.
  12. Johnny Valhalla

    How can I prospect scort girls?

    I know where find the customers. But where and how could I, preferably by internet (digital marketing), prospect escorts for my website? I read a member here saying that these girls doesn't resist to picture of travel, money and luxuous things. But I don't know... Create and promovote an...
  13. S

    Escort SEO

    Hiee everyone, one of my friends wants to enter in the escort business, as I am not much aware of this he wants suggestions regarding purchasing domain his question is whether he should buy (escort + location domain) or any generic domain.
  14. Y

    Hello - Adult website owners

    Hello, We are adult websites owners from Israel. We registered to this website for couple of reasons : 1. Finding experts to promote our websites - Any kind of an seo will be appreciated, as long as we will be at the top / close to it. 2. Getting some answers to some weird things / Google's...
  15. S

    Any payment processor company for Escort site?

    Hi guys, is there any reliable payment processor company can accept escort site payment? Paypal does not accept this kind of business due to adult culture even though no nude photo on the website. So, i am looking for a good payment processor company for this industry.. anyone can recommend...
  16. F

    Looking for someone that promote ADS of escort services on Google ADWORDS

    hello all , I am looking for someone who knew how to advertise a website for escort services on Google Search ( PPC ONLY ) - I pay for it thanks
  17. F

    Looking for someone that promote ADS of escort services on Google ADWORDS

    hello all , I am looking for someone who knew how to advertise a website for escort services on Google Search - I pay for it thanks
  18. Mohit Mehra

    "Escort Service" Seo Optimization

    Hello Friends, My Client want to rank his website on escort keyword. and i dont have any idea about adult seo . any expert here . who can help me to out this ?...
  19. Veronica Turbay

    Another newbie in here

    Gosh, SEO is just a whole PHD material lol
  20. D

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