1. Q

    Ranking top 1 on a city in the escort gay niche but my the escorts dont get contacteds

    Hello, I am here to comment on the problem I am having to see if someone with experience in the escort world can answer me, I get about 50-60 clicks a day, I am ranked number 1 in the different words of "gay escort + city", I have a Much better and more professional website than that of my...
  2. Denapy

    Hi ! Hello ? HELP ! - Japanese Escort/Dating website

    Hi ! Hello ? HELP ! Hello everybody ! Sorry i m really new into making websites, I’m sorry to bother you all, I’m not sure where should I post in this forum to ask for help with SEO ranking on google? I need advice and help to attract japanese visitors on my Escort/Dating website, I really...
  3. Fabio Lorenze

    Models for OnlyFans agency: get 5-15 models per month

    Hi My name is Alex, I am the owner marketing agency. In this thread, you will learn how we recruited 252 interested girls to work as OnlyFans models for a client and signed 5 contracts in just 2.5 weeks.I want to tell you how you can easily attract models from any country without. Stable...
  4. Fabio Lorenze

    How to attract OnlyFans models from ANY country: 297 interested girls and 8 signed contracts

    Hi, in this thread I want to tell you how you can easily attract models to your agency using my case as an example An OnlyFans agency was ready to recruit new models, but they didn't want to pay $350 per model to scouts and give a percentage of the model's income. Therefore, they came to us...
  5. Fabio Lorenze

    [OnlyFans, Escort Daily Marketing #1]: Why you shouldn't focus only on ads

    Why you shouldn't focus only on ads Yesterday evening, as per tradition, I sat down to read about marketing in analytical publications And came across statistics on how the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) has increased over the year: - Instagram’s by 23% - Facebook's by 61% - TikTok’s by 185%...
  6. S

    Do you think I can find a business partner for this venture?

    Hello,I have a plan to create a site that focuses on a few regions and will appear on the first pages for the "esc girl" niche. Thanks to the WordPress system we've developed, we can publish thousands of content pieces suitable for this industry; the content is of high quality and easily ranks...
  7. E


    Hi i am looking for a webmaster/va who has experience working with adult/escort website i require help with the following: Indexing both internal and external links finding me links that are relevant to my nichie using majestic including forums Reddit posts Blog comments
  8. xakep1

    Looking for adult traffic, I will pay 70% of spent lifetime

    Looking for adult traffic, I will pay 70% of spent lifetime. If you have adult traffic please PM me ASAP
  9. GodKarma

    Need help to anonymously create company in escort legal jurisdiction and have online cc payment gateway

    Need help to anonymously create company in escort legal jurisdiction and have online cc payment gateway. I have website setup already, only crypto payments are accepted as of now. Need any info on how to accept credit card payments asap
  10. M

    Is Escort website mandatory offshore? [ SEO ]

    Hello there, I have an idea to start an escort website, I need your good experiences, I wonder if all active escort websites in my chosen country use offshore hosting Do I have to use offshore hosting? Can this be ignored if I don't use it? does luck matter or will it shut down hosting for...
  11. CyberCommander

    looking for hq backlinks (escort niche)

    for a customer im looking for high quality backlinks in the escort niche send me a pm with references and price
  12. CyberCommander

    Need your escort profiles for directories

    For my customer I host three escort directories (International, Spain, Hungary) with premium domains and looking for people who can create real escort profiles on the site. it is completely free!
  13. W

    Escort Website

    Hello, I'm new here and I couldn't really decide which subforum is the best for my topic. To get to the topic: I own an escort website and I am wondering how best to market it online and offline in the most cost effective way. I consider success through search engine optimization to be...
  14. ronhening

    Escort backlinks needed !

    Hi, We are looking for backlinks for (couple of) escort directories in Israel. The links should be niche relevant as much as possible. Also, we have couple of EN Adult blogs and porn sites that we will be happy to exchange links from. It's better to contact me through Skype ...
  15. B

    Backlinks for Escort Agency in germany

    Hi, looking for backlinks for an escort agency in germany. The backlinks should be niche relevant and please no porn pages. ;) If you actually are managing an escort agency no matter where and would like to exchange some love, i would also be happy to hear from you.
  16. E


    Hi I am looking for a webmaster that can provide me with AT least 3 of the following Price to be discussed,depending on the level of your experince and knowledge i look forward to your pm's Have the skillset and knowledge to use ahrefs,majestic and moz know how register and upload models...
  17. J

    Tips before creating an escort site? - adult site

    Hello, I would like your collaboration, I have wanted to create sites that provide advertising of sexual services or rather "escort sites" for a long time. Basically, they are sites with photos of women with underwear or almost naked who offer their sexual services at a price that they choose...
  18. E

    Look to buy links on escort sites with traffic

    I wanna buy backlinks/banners to my new escort directory page. Its a must your website has organic traffic.
  19. S

    How to post ad in

    I'm trying to post an ad in, and its not clear how to do so. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  20. S

    Need Pic of Woman Holding Driver's License

    Could you help me out? Gotta keep the girls safe. I need a picture of a woman (preferably latin) holding a drivers license or other id, and ideally a picture of just the id itself as well. Where should I post to find this.
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