1. Shohel Sabbir

    SEO for Classified Site Like Backpage

    How can I do SEO for classified site like, any guide or any seo package from BHW. TIA
  2. J

    Experiences With Paid Job Listings

    Does anyone have experience with paid job listings, such as Craigslist, Backpage or others? How much traffic did you receive for your listing? Do you have any reccommendations for job posting sites/boards, paid or free? I appreciate your input, thanks.
  3. thekingofwholesale

    Daily Backpage Poster In Dating Section - Must Have Rotating Ip's

    I am looking for a daily backpage poster that can post in the dating section. You must have rotating ip's, preferably have ip's in the cities that I would like to post to (top 30 cities). A Verizon 3G hotspot that you can use would work best.
  4. thekingofwholesale

    100 Daily Post On Backpage In Dating Section

    I am looking for a freelancer who can post 100 daily live ads on backpage in the dating section. Please message me for more information.
  5. knowledgeblast


    Hey Guys and Girls:) I am sure we all are looking for this end I have been researching options. I just purchased power leads pro a week and a half ago problem is that I'm not overly thrilled with their follow through. I paid for complete setup and to date it has not happened so I...
  6. Bostoncab

    Teach me how to post on backpage

    I want to post a T4m ad on the Boston MA backpage. I get that I have to pay to post and I think that they might take bitcoin but I can't figure out how to actually do it. Hit me up on kik makemeagurlboston
  7. hfinfo

    Posting ad in adult section

    Hi guys I'm looking for someone who is experienced enough in posting ads in adult section , my skype is h&f_infosolutions
  8. E

    Backpage Poster

    Hi, I need a backpage poster/posting solution. I need to post in 10 different cities in United States. All my problems with my backpage ads started 1 month ago. Until February I was able to post without any problems.. including paid ads (paid directly on backpage with bitcoin). Since 15th of...
  9. 2colt5

    Backpage Posting

    Is there any services, that are legit that will post on backpage for me. I am having a hard time, and even my paid ads said they go live but I'm guessing they are ghosted. Is there any way around this. I don't mind paying to have them posted I just need to have them go live. Do any of you guys...
  10. 2colt5

    Backpage Poster

    Can anyone post LIVE backpage ads in the USA. I don't have a big preference on city, but I would like multiple ads posted in the dating section. If you feel like you can do this let me know, and I should have some work for you. I want to see you post one ad that goes live, before I pay you to...
  11. IMStudent

    Freakin Cool!

    Hello Everyone! This site is awesome! I'm totally new to IM and don't know squat! I joined because I was trying to find out about posting to Backpage. I can't seem to find out for sure from BHW what you can or can't do on BP. I want to be able to post in multiple cities countries on BP. I am...
  12. S

    Anyone work on backpage - specifically the escort section?

    Been browsing through the forum sections, and cannot seem to find an appropriate spot to post this. I've been promoting on backpage via the escort section with my dating offer for quite some time, almost 4 years on and off. It was a game with the paid ads to get them up, they go up, they come...
  13. E

    Seeking Best Backpage Auto Posting Software for 2016

    Hello All, Former member from a number of years ago, back for round two. I am seeking to find the most effective Backpage auto poster on the market today. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. S

    What is your experience with Backpage or Craigslist?

    Have you ever made sales or conversions by using Backpage or Craigslist? How much traffic did you get? Thanks for your posts.
  15. A

    i need classified ad scraper for backpage and kijiji

    Experienced email marketer here that needs a classified site scraper. I already have 10 different scrapers but none of them are effective for craigslist, backpage, or kijiji. Reply or pm me with your lowest price and time frame.
  16. A

    Backpage Error Message

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and not a professional at all, so please forgive me my cluelessness :) Since a few weeks I used to successfully post ads on backpage, and I also used the paid adverts there. Since a week something changed. First I tried to change my paid advert, but I couldn't, it...
  17. M

    backpage keeps ghosting ads in adult and dating section

    I've been experienciemailan annoying phenomena known as ghosting. I post on the adult and dating section of backpage. Everytime I post on backpage my ad disappears after like 10-15 minutes. It'll remain posted for about a few minutes or so but none of them actually stick. I've tried everything...
  18. S

    Backpage Ads (escort section)

    Ok, so I've promoting dating CPA offers through the escort section on backpage. Earlier this year, I was posting my ads with my normal IP address, and using the same debit card number. Ads would be posted all over the US, typically no problem. They would stay up a day or so which was plenty...
  19. gazinbali

    My proxies failed to download this fantastic program...

    Hi.. well l tried TOR.. l tried their proxied search engine.. but I cannot download this file.. Its a G mail, yahoo mail account generator.. which also at the same time.. makes an associated Craigslist and BP account.. nifty huh? So.. I found only 7...
  20. Bostoncab

    Which classifieds sites have the most adult traffic? Backpage?

    Which classifieds sites have the most adult traffic? Backpage? I am sure the list goes 1) The one we aren't supposed to discuss which cities have the most traffic for e whoreing? 2) Backpage 3)??? What other classifieds sites are there out there that get traffic for adult keywords?
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