Anybody interested in selling iPods?

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    Anybody interested in selling iPods? I could supply like new iTouch 3rd generation 8 GB and 32GB. The screen are perfect and so is the back.
    The iPods are real. They are not fake. I have pictures of them below.

    8GB for $110
    32GB will be priced soon.

    Shipping is not included.

    I am selling the 8GBs on Craigslist at $135 and I am getting on average 5-7 sales a week locally. I've also sold on Amazon and profit more than Craigslist, but I chose to stop because I still need to work on getting my seller's permit before I continue.

    I am not accepting Paypal because I do not want to deal with scammers that does reversal. If you feel that it is not safe for you, we could speak and hopefully I could gain your trust. You could also buy one or a few at first to see if I am legit or not.

    If you guys need anymore info on this just leave a post on the thread and I will try to get to it.

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    no sorry not interested keep trying